Korean Drama Shopping Lust List: Sunglasses & Spectacles

Who is a Korean drama fan? We’ve encountered a fair few Shoppers who really want to buy the fashion, accessories and makeup featured on these seriously addictive dramas but (a) don’t know what the items are, (b) don’t know where to buy the items from and (c) encounter problems having these items shipped to them.

Well Boxer Couple Ali and Aesle to the rescue! They hail from Seoul and will be instrumental in helping all of you out there finally get these coveted items from Seoul to your doorstep!

Part 1: ‘My Love from Another Star’ Sunnies and Specs

CSY Cover Sunnies

Who hasn’t heard of this hit Korean drama featuring the gorgeous Jun Ji-Hyun and the dreamy Kim Soo-Hyun? This drama has captured audiences globally with it’s tight script, fast-paced storyline, amazing chemistry between the leads and might I add, fun and snazzy fashion. In this post, let’s look at some of the sunglasses and spectacles that we needed yesterday!

(1) Gentle Monster Sunglasses, The Dreamer 01


Cost: 205,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

(2) Gentle Monster Sunglasses, Didi D


Cost: 205,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

(3) Gentle Monster Sunglasses, Roman Holiday


Cost: 205,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

(4) Verris Iron Sunnies

vglasses v specs


Cost: 148,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

(5) Gentle Monster Sunglasses, W01


Cost: 160,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

(6) DSQUARED2 Glasses


Cost: 219,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

(7) Gentle Monster Sunglasses, SAINT VALENTIN 02


Cost: 240,000 KRW + Add to Wishlist

Shoppers, your Boxer (personal Shopper) can buy you anything you want so go crazy! If you do want to check out what other sunnies are on the lust-list, do check out Gentle Monster’s awesome website and place your order for whatever you want here. Remember to add in some other Korean hit cosmetics and accessories while you’re at it!

Get Started in Less than 10 seconds:

  1. Get started now by simply clicking on the +add to wishlist links above.
  2. This will automatically add the items into your ShopandBox wishlist after it prompts you to sign in/sign up.
  3. You can add as many items as you want from Korea into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
  4. Once you’re ready, simply select the items you want bought, name your order, and hit the ‘buy my stuff’ button.
  5. You will be assigned a personal Shopper (known as a Boxer) in Seoul who will help you buy all your coveted items
  6. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days wherever you are in the world!

See What Other Shoppers Have Bought from Korea:

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Visit our homepage here, or if you’ve any questions, simply drop us a line here! Happy Shopping! 

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  • Reply
    November 28, 2014 at 10:39 am

    Hi! I saw the price of this item on eBay or some other online shopping website are very different ($100). On eBay, it’s sold in the rate of $299 (shipping fee not included). Why is it?

    • ShopandBox
      November 28, 2014 at 10:46 am

      Hi Faith, with ShopandBox you simply tell us what you want and where you want it from a Boxer (Personal Shopper) living in that country will help you buy what you’re looking for. Usually eBay sellers price their items higher but if you tell your Boxer what you’re looking for, rest assured that they will help you find it for the best price. To create an order for anything you want, simply go to to signup for an account and you can start creating a wishlist of ANYTHING you want 🙂 When you’re ready, select the items scroll down, name your order and hit the button. You’ll then be assigned a Boxer!

      • Reply
        November 28, 2014 at 11:19 am

        Thank you! What about the shipping fee to US?

        • ShopandBox
          December 4, 2014 at 11:54 pm

          Thanks for your enquiry Faith. Shippinh is pretty reasonable from Korea to the US. Once you put through an order, your assigned Boxer will give you a quote based on the items you want to buy. You don’t pay till you’re fully happy so happy ShopandBoxing!

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