Fashion Labels That Every Korean Fashionista Is Wearing Right Now


Whether you’re looking to overhaul your wardrobe or trending seasonal pieces, Korean fashion labels offer all of that and more. Beyond the mainstream brands lie a handful of affordable yet stylish labels that won’t break the bank. If you love popular brands such as Stylenanda and Lucky Chouette, get your hands on these fashionable threads that our Shoppers are currently ShopandBoxing from Korea:

Secret Label


Got a penchant for everyday essentials? Shop Secret Label’s wide variety of wardrobe must-haves. From elevated essentials to on-season looks, we love how versatile each item will work for any occasion. Shop from ruffled chambray shirts and oversized plaid blazers to denim skirts and chic trench coats, there’s nothing you can’t find from Secret Label. A must-have is the ultra-flattering line of pants and jeans—all stretchable and adheres to the contours of the physique.


Common Unique


Common Unique’s range of clothing is made for the girl who wants her fashion options open. Wanna go with an athleisure-inspired look? Opt for graphic tees and distressed denim alongside snazzy bags. Got a work function to dress up for? Try chic blouses and belted midi skirts for an elegant visage. Girly girls would love the range of floral motif pieces i.e. vintage cardigans, lace blouses, floral-printed frocks and more.


Slow And


Slow And’s aesthetic is equal parts French insouciance and minimalist chic. Think oversized shirts, shirt-dresses, sweaters, boyfriend jeans, classic trench coats and the like. Their bestsellers include everyday wear that you’d need in your closet—wool cardigans in every neutral shade possible, versatile slacks in shades of cream and nude, and go-to sweaters in every shade imaginable for a pop of colour.


Merry Around


Merry Around’s aesthetic is simplistic but also very much retro-inspired. Quirky-cute pieces such as polka-dotted cardigans and gingham puffy-sleeve dresses will appeal to anyone who loves prints, while frilly blouses, linen slip dresses and high-waisted skirts will make for a stylish sentiment that can be layered and styled in a number of ways. Shop their spring collection that’s available online now here.


Daily Monday


Daily Monday’s threads are trendy but not overly so, chic with a touch of allure, and all Insta-worthy. Whether modern double-breasted jackets or oversized sporty jumpers, the fashion label is well-stocked to the brim with plenty of choices. It also offers shoes that are both classic and on-trend—from square-toed ballet flats to sheepskin leather loafers; along with a variety of bags for all occasions.


Femme Muse


Among all the brands listed here, Femme Muse’s aesthetic is perhaps the kitschiest. Made for the girl who loves anything vintage, feminine, and outstanding, Femme Muse’s collections are incredibly girly and retro. The latest lineup boasts lace-collared jackets and polka-dotted dresses, while bestsellers include pompom knit cardigans (the cutest!), belted jacket-dresses, and wide-lapel floral blouses for a bygone-era aesthetic.


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Featured image: Common Unique

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