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For our dedicated shopaholics who actually bookmark their favourite labels’ e-stores just so that they wouldn’t miss a sale period, here’s a compilation of popular sale seasons across the globe from USA and UK to France and Italy. Be sure to add any items into your wishlist and submit your order to have a personal Boxer assigned to you! And our Boxers are super knowledgeable regarding what’s heavily discounted in their countries.

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  • Large markdowns are usually during public holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July) and Labour Day
  • But the real deal is during Black Friday (the Friday following Thanksgiving) and Boxing Day (day after Christmas)—where you can find hordes of people crowding stores and online sites since most offer between 30-70% off all items
  • Electronics and appliances are heavily discounted especially during Black Friday, Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday) and Boxing Day
  • New stock for apparel hits the stores during March and April, and in August/September, summerwear will be discounted as stores prepare for warmer knits and fall trends
  • Sephora’s VIB Rouge sale happens once a year (usually during April) and our Boxers are able to cinch some limited edition VIB-Rouge-member only items
  • Swimwear sales also happen during June/July  or at the end of the year as they are clearing out stock for seasons ahead i.e. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale happens twice a year in-store and online, once in May/June and the next during December/January

Italy and France:

  • Two official six-week-long sale periods occur annually, with markdowns happening in almost all stores
  • These sales happen during the end of summer (July) and winter (January to mid-February) seasons respectively
  • Most stores including high-end designer boutiques from YSL to Louis Vuitton offer markdowns on their inventory as well, between 30% to 70% off (if you’re lucky!)
  • Each sales period has a definitive start date that is the same throughout France, but it differs according to region in Italy
  • Departmental stores are easy to shop from, such as Galeries Lafayette or Le Bon Marché, and their online sites offer free shipping along with discounted prices


  • Like Europe, sales in the UK occur likely during Boxing Day, January, as well as after summer (mid-June/July)
  • Look out for huge discounts (70%) and seasonal sample sales from stores such as Harrod’s, Debenhams, Fenwick, Selfridges and Westfield London
  • You can find a variety of items with marked down prices, from designer apparel to electronics and homeware and kitchen appliances

Stay tuned for our continuation of Sales Around The World Part II where we’ll focus on sales happening in Asia!

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