Top 3 Korean Instant Noodles to have on Black Day

In Korea, Black Day is celebrated on April 14, a month after White Day (aka another Valentine’s-inspired celebration where the man would gift the girl he likes with chocolates). This is different from Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14, where females play the sender role by giving chocolates to the males they like instead. (Yes, it is quite a mind-boggling concept, but that is how this part of the world celebrates love).

In a nutshell, Black Day is the day for single counterparts to ponder over their status with a bowl of black noodles or jjajangmyun (kind of like Korean Hokkien Mee that you might spot regularly on K-dramas). The bowl of black noodles hold a symbolic meaning in this sense—after downing the bowl of tasty noodles, the idea is that these people will be in better spirits because who wouldn’t after a tummy full of food?

There are many ways to enjoy this black noodles—whether alone, with a sunny side up, sliced cheese on top or even tossed with other instant noodle flavours for a spicier kick. Check out some unique combinations below.

korean-instant-noodles 1

Excited to try some of these black noodles? Below are my top three favourite instant noodles you can consider if you are planning on hosting a SAD (Single Awareness Day) gathering. The green bowl is a retro pick that my Korean husband remembers eating from when he was a kid, while the beige coloured bowl is similar to what jjajangmyun restaurants use to serve fresh black noodles these days. Both are inexpensive and very K-drama inspired should you decide to celebrate Black Day this year.



  1. Jja-wang, Nongshim, KRW4,980, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Olive Jjapagetti, Nongshim, KRW3,200, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Paldo Jjajangmyun, Paldo, KRW4,980, + Add To Wishlist
  4. Old school melamine bowl, Jubangtong, KRW1,800, + Add To Wishlist
  5. Melamine bowl, Jubangtop, KRW1,200, + Add To Wishlist
  6. Pattern bowl, Jaju, KRW9,900, + Add To Wishlist
  7. Ceramic Bowl Medium, Sinonshop, KRW14,000, + Add To Wishlist

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