The Best Lunch Boxes For Both Kids And Adults

lunch boxes kids adults

Good lunch boxes are hard to come by. You’d ideally want a lunch box that’s convenient, sturdy, leak-proof yet able to maintain your food temperature. Whether for your kid or yourself, these lunch boxes will make you look forward to planning mealtimes on a daily basis. From innovative boxes strapped with cutlery to seriously adorable lunch bags for your mini-me, this list of lunch boxes are your best bet:


Prepd Pack

lunch boxes kids adults

Prepd Pack, Prepd, USD69, + Add To Wishlist: Prepd’s unique containers are modular and designed to ensure flexibility and freedom. Made of natural bamboo, the containers are stackable and is able to fit a premium inner container made of BPA-free copolyester. What makes it a must-have is how slim and durable it is—no more bulky lunch bags in tow.


Black+Blum Lunch Pot

lunch boxes kids adults

Lunch Pot, Black+Blum, GBP19.95, + Add To Wishlist: Black+Blum’s super cute lunch pots are perfect for those who want to pack foods such as yogurt, granola and even soup. Two watertight pots make one, plus it comes with a carry strap and a spork so that you can eat on the go. The pots are made from food grade polypropylene with sea shell powder so that it feels like a lighter, more durable version of ceramic bowls.


Waam Industries Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

lunch boxes kids adults

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, Waam Industries, USD24, + Add To Wishlist: Your lunch bags have never looked so stylish. Waam Industries’ lunch sacks are super durable and reusable, each made of cotton canvas with a beeswax blend on the exterior for a water-resistant coating. Make a statement by packing your lunch in one of these.


Ekobo Bento Lunch Box / Go

lunch boxes kids adults

Bento Lunch Box / Go, Ekobo, EUR20, + Add To Wishlist: Ekobo’s bamboo fibre lunch box is designed to fit snacks or meals for easy munching. Every lunch box has two removable containers that you can separate meals in, and its top can be used as a plate as well. Free of PA, PVC and phthalates, this lunch box is suitable for hot and cold foods/liquids.


Rover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

lunch boxes kids adults

Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Rover, USD59.95, + Add To Wishlist: Go green with this stainless steel lunch box that you can rewash and reuse easily. The Rover comes with multiple compartments—it has five bento-box style compartments to separate each food neatly—and it can hold about five cups or food. This lunchbox has zero lead, PVC, phthalates or harmful BPA materials.


monbento MB Square Box

lunch boxes kids adults

MB Square Box, monbento, USD29.90, + Add To Wishlist: We like the monbento MB Square Box for a few reasons: Firstly, it is 100% airtight with the help of an internal lid and silicone hinge. Second, it’s everything-safe—from microwave and fridge to dishwasher and freezer. It has two separate compartments to avoid food mixing as well.



Dabbawalla Bags Penguin Lunch Bag

lunch boxes kids adults

Cold Feet Penguin Lunch Bag, Dabbawalla Bags, USD25, + Add To Wishlist: If this adorable lunch bag doesn’t make your kid look forward to mealtimes, we don’t know what will. Dabbawalla Bags’ lunch bag is sturdy, roomy and machine-washable. It’s big enough to fit a water bottle, lunch and a snack; plus, you can toss in an ice pack if you’d like to keep food/drinks cool.


State Bags Rodgers Lunch Box

lunch boxes kids adults

Rodgers Lunch Box, State Bags, USD38, + Add To Wishlist: State Bag’s Rodgers Lunch Box is def made for your older kid who’s growing out of cartoon lunch boxes and want something cooler. Fully insulated, the lunch box has a velcro divider to organise food and snacks, along with an interior mesh pocket for cutlery. Have we mentioned how sleek is the design and colourway?


Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Lunch Kit

lunch boxes kids adults

Zoo Little Kid Lunch Kit, Skip Hop, USD9, + Add To Wishlist: Skip Hop’s lunch kits are fuss-free and made for your kid who’s all ready to “grow up”. The lids come with coordinating clips for your toddler to open and close it easily, and it also has a rubber seal to lock the lid in place and to prevent leakage.


SoYoung Lunch Bag

lunch boxes kids adults

Lunch Bag, SoYoung, USD29.95, + Add To Wishlist: SoYoung’s lunch boxes are unconventional as they are pretty—all are made of linen on the outside, and it is insulated and leak-proof on the interior as well. All its bags are eco-friendly and can be washed in the machine. Plus, it even comes with a long strap for it to be worn as a messenger bag or backpack.D.



lunch boxes kids adults

Omiebox, Omielife, USD39.5, + Add To Wishlist: The Omiebox will ensure that your kid eat everything and anything easily, thanks to the way the bento box stores both hot and cold food in one box. It has two temperature zones—one to keep entrées warm, and the other to keep vegetables and fruits cool. Best part? It is designed to be easy to open with zero setup, so your kid can easily scoop food out without causing a mess.


Yumbox Original Bento Lunch Box

lunch boxes kids adults

Original Bento Lunch Box, Yumbox, AUD39.95, + Add To Wishlist: Yumbox’s award-winning lunch box is super cute and innovative. It has a leak-proof lid with six compartments within, allowing you to pack your kid’s lunch, meals, and snacks conveniently. Recommended for toddlers up to kids age 8, the Yumbox actually has themed illustrations inserted in the tray, along with balance and portion control in case you need to carefully plan your kid’s dietary needs.


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