Travel Friendly Men’s Grooming Essentials for the Busy Urban Male

When it comes to men’s grooming, the average male will often opt for quick fix drugstore brands and count the bear-bones soap-and-water as their everyday skincare routine (you can admit it— this is a safe judgement-free zone). But if you’re a dapper gent looking to amp up your grooming habits, we’ve explored the best skin, hair and bath essentials that’ll keep you looking sharp and on top of your game.

Check out our curated list of sleek and portably sized skincare, haircare, and grooming cult favourites that will have you covered from head to toe while accommodating to your busy lifestyle

For your grooming kit:

  1. Clinique Dark Spot Corrector for Men, Clinique, USD70, +Add to Wishlist
    From sun spots, shaving nicks, or popped zits, dark spots are hard to avoid. Man Face Blogger Thom Watson recommends Clinique for Men Dark Spot Corrector, a serum formulated for men’s skin to treat discoloration and past skin damage; including sun spots, age spots, acne scarring and darkening from shaving. The oil-free formula restores clarity and brightness, and reduces ingrown hairs.
  2. Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream, Dr Barbara Sturm, EUR145, +Add to Wishlist
    Mr Porter stands by Dr. Barbara Sturm’s line of skincare goods, including this deeply hydrating and non-greasy face cream. Keep your skin hydrated with this lightweight, antioxidant-rich  formula that is instantly absorbed by the skin, making it ideal as a quick post-shave balm for the Monday morning rush. It also contains Purslane that increases the skin’s protective barrier and accelerates the healing time of micro-cuts from shaving nicks.
  3. Patrick’s S2 Shine Medium Hold, Patricks Co, AUD60, +Add to Wishlist
    A 2016 GQ UK award finalist, Patrick’s S2 provides a non-greasy and crunchy-free versatile, medium hold. Another Mr Porter men’s grooming favourite, each Patrick product contains PRC, a revolutionary technology that targets hair-loss and scalp health. Its luxuriously sleek packaging is designed to accommodate for travel and efficiency for the modern jet-setter.
  4. Blind Barber 90 Proof Hair Pomade, Blind Barber, USD18, +Add to Wishlist
    This pomade is Mr Porter’s travel grooming kit favourite for a good reason. It’s award-winning, protein rich formula that ensures a strong hold and matte finish that’ll keep your tresses looking fleek through though weather and long-haul flights.
  5. Proraso Pre-Shave Cream, Proraso, AUD16.95, +Add to Wishlist
    This one’s a no brainer for the frequent flyer. This Aussie men’s grooming cult favourite is one for efficiency as it doubles as a pre and post shaving balm. Chuck this travel-friendly tub in your grooming kit for a fuss-free and effortless shave.
  6. Cool Military Hudsalve, Forsvarets Hudsalve, USD7.95, +Add to Wishlist
    Yes, it’s as badass as its name and rugged film container-looking drab green packaging. Hudsalve is lip balm, hand, elbows, feet, and all around skin protection from the elements, made especially for the Swedish military. This is as manly as it gets in terms of chapstick.
  7. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil, Tom Ford, USD50, +Add to Wishlist
    Tom Ford may be a high end luxury brand, but this travel sized beard oil is worth the splurge. Add this gorgeous smelling product to your facial hair maintenance routine and keep your scruff looking anything but scruffy with their blend of almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils.
  8. PerriconeMD Blue Plasma, PerriconeMD, USD98, +Add to Wishlist
    Blue Plasma may look like it was concocted by an alchemist from mythical lands of magic and wonder— and the truth might not be far off. Perricone MD is reputed for its apothecary-like approach by incorporating unconventional ingredients to their grooming products. Blue Plasma is a daily non-acidic peel that skips the surface redness, irritation, and damage, leaving you with skin that looks bright and feels smooth.
  9. Baxter’s Deodorant, Baxter of California, USD19, +Add to Wishlist
    If you’re serious about upping your deodorant game, do it right with Baxter’s. This GQ Grooming Award Winner 2015 for Best Deodorant and Grooming Award Winner 2016 provides all day protection without irritating the pits. It is also aluminium and alcohol free, with a lightly musky, herbaceous scent that doesn’t stain or discolour clothes.
  10. Harry’s Shave Cream, Harry’s, USD8, +Add to Wishlist
    We love a good start-up success story like Harry’s. Their bold and beautiful branding (check out Instagram for shaving aesthetic goals) paired with amazing shaving razors and products has given shaving big dogs, like Gillette and Dollar Shave Club, a run for their money. Their shave cream is packed with natural ingredients that soothe irritation and hydrate your face.
  11. Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Eye Cream, Shiseido, USD45, +Add to Wishlist
    Those long haul flights and unexpected 12-hour work days staring into the computer screen can take a toll on your sleeping schedule, leaving you with a couple of unwanted excess under eye baggage. Turn those tired, puffy eyes around with this cult favourite men’s eye cream that targets wrinkles, dryness, dark circles and sagging around the eye area.
  12. Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser, Aesop, AUD41, +Add to Wishlist
    If you live and work in urban areas, this facial cleanser is for you. Slough off pore-clogging impurities from pollution with this cleanser’s mild exfoliation and hydrating powers for a   smooth skin, clear complexion, and closer shave.
  13. Sort of Coal Kuro Shampoo, Sort of Coal, DKK175, +Add to Wishlist
    Sort of Coal is a Danish brand (hence the design-savvy packaging) known for using extraordinary and unique materials in their products. Perfect for oily to normal hair, Kuro shampoo is infused with white charcoal which comes in handy for removing dirt, oil, and other impurities from your hair.
  14. Patrick’s Stimulating and Thickening Conditioner, Patricks Co, AUD18, +Add to Wishlist
    I know Patrick appears twice on this list, but can you blame us— they’re serious men’s grooming experts! This refreshing thickening conditioner is infused with white mint and vetiver, nourishes the scalp, and comes in a handy travel size. Need I say more?
  15. Czech and Speake No. 88 Aftershave Splash, Czech and Speake, EUR118, +Add to Wishlist
    A Men’s Biz choice, No. 88 Aftershave Splash oozes suave and sophistication with a delicately curated set of ingredients giving off a complex yet subtle scent and antiseptic properties which help to close the pores and prevent minor skin blemishes. It also comes in a stunning black bottle that can make any bathroom or grooming kit classy.


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