Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Health, Food & Kitchenware

This collage of items is the ideal gift set for mothers who inspire daughters to always strive for the best in achieving a healthy mental & physical well-being:

Health & Food Box 1 USA

The Health Enthusiast:

Trader Joe’s Banana Bread Mix, USD 2.99, + Add To Wishlist

Youtheory Collagen Tablets, USD 17.99, + Add To Wishlist

Columbia Hiking Shoes, USD 45.50, + Add To Wishlist

Quinoa & Brown Rice, USD 19.49, + Add To Wishlist

Centrum Silver, USD 20.59, + Add To Wishlist

Nutiva Chia Seeds, USD 10.99, + Add To Wishlist

The next three Mother’s Day gift boxes have different themes and include the prettiest kitchen and dining sets from Pottery Barn that your mum can utilize at home. Mix and match if you like a thing or two from each box, or get everything if all these appeal to you (and potentially your mother too)!

Health & Food Box 2 Aquatic Inspired

Sealife Napkin, USD 28, + Add To Wishlist

Vintage Wood Servers, USD 19, + Add To Wishlist

Starfish Spreaders, USD 42.50, + Add To Wishlist

Starfish Serve Bowl, USD 59, + Add To Wishlist


Health & Food Box 3 Wine

Farmwire Basket, USD 41.39, + Add To Wishlist

Chow Layer Plate, USD 3.99, + Add To Wishlist

Santino Goblet, USD 12.5 each, + Add To Wishlist

Marble Cheese Knives Set, USD 39, + Add To Wishlist

Wyatt Ikat Placemat, USD 7.19, + Add To Wishlist


Health & Food Box 4 Equisite Dining

Turquoise Oval Napkin Holder, USD 7.5, + Add To Wishlist

Seashell Place Card Holder, USD 6.5, + Add To Wishlist

Small Turquoise Rope Bowl, USD 6.5, + Add To Wishlist

Coral Printed Plate, USD 8.5, + Add To Wishlist

Turquoise Rope Dinner Plate, USD 8.5, + Add To Wishlist

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  2. This will automatically add the items into your ShopandBox wishlist after it prompts you to sign in/sign up.
  3. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
  4. Once you’re ready, simply select the items you want bought, name your order, and hit the “Submit Order” button.
  5. You will be assigned a personal Boxer who will help you buy all your coveted items.
  6. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days wherever you are in the world!

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