Price Comparison Series: Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

The Saint Laurent Sac De Jour purse has been compared to the Hermès Birkin for a few good reasons: both are well-structured, exquisitely crafted bags with the embossed logo (along with a padlock) on the front. But both purses (no matter your preferences for brand or design) are equally beautiful and both channel different emotion and aesthetic.

If the Hermès Birkin is way too pricey for you to even consider it, the SDJ serves as a luxe alternative and well-loved accessory or statement, depending on your style. It has a subtle recognition of its own and has been seen on the arms of Hollywood to K-pop A-listers such as Kendall Jenner, Tiffany from Girls’ Generation and Jessica Alba among many others.


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Here’s what you need to know about the Sac De Jour:

  1. Created in 2013, the Sac De Jour literally translates to “bag of the day” and currently comes in four sizes: Nano, Baby, Small and Large.
  2. As per the mini bag trend in 2014, the Nano serves as a mini crossbody bag like the Givenchy Antigona Mini, whereas the Baby is a recent addition—slightly bigger than the Nano but smaller than the Small.
  3. Typically available materials of this purse include textured leather, smooth leather, suede, alligator, embossed crocodile, embossed python, calf hair and matte studs.
  4. Find a variety of colours such as black, navy blue, fog (dark grey), dove white, tan, pale blush, burgundy, brown, violet etc.
  5. Dimensions:
    Nano: 8.6″ W X 7″ H X 4.3″ D
    Baby: 10.1″ W X 8.2″ H X 5.1″ D
    Small: 12.5″ W X 9.8″ H X 6.4″ D
    Large: 14.2″ W X 10.7″ H X 7.4″ D
  6. You can ShopandBox this beautiful purse from Italy with plenty of savings included! Scroll down for information on how much you can save by getting the Nano, Baby and Small from Italy.

*prices indicated in illustrations are lowest base prices available
**prices accurate as of June 8, 2015 and exclude PayPal fees and duties you might be subjected to






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