Overhaul Your Pilates and Yoga Wardrobe with These 20 Brands

If you’ve been on the lookout for a more varied range of yoga and pilates apparel brands instead of Lululemon, today’s post is one you need to bookmark on your browser. We’ve rounded up a whopping 20 brands for you to scout from the USA to overhaul your activewear wardrobe. Whether it’s low, mid- or high-end yoga and pilates outfits, we’ve got you covered for your chaturanga and core-blasting workouts below:


While the cult favourite seems to be Lululemon, other labels offer a plethora of interesting apparel made with natural fibers and breathable fabrics – all in chic and contemporary designs that you can actually wear out.

On our low- to mid-end range of pilate and yoga activewear labels are:

Lucy: Made for real women by real women, Lucy’s apparel offers mesh in high heat zones, high visibility 360-degrees reflectivity for those who workout late at night, and even thumbholes to keep the chill at bay.

Zobha: Zobha prides itself to be the “first and only brand” that combines patented shape-optimizing technology with edgy design – essentially fashion meets fitness with this one.

Onzie: A So-Cal based brand founded by a 20-year old Bikram Yogi, Onzie uses Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable to keep your body cool and dry. 

Manuka Life: One of the rarer eco activewear brands around, Manuka Life was founded 10 years ago and is known for its range of sustainable and non-toxic products, including eco-friendly yoga and Pilates’ accessories.

Coryvines: Check out Coryvines’ collections that is tailored to those who have different workouts in mind – all their apparel incorporates advanced technologies, including anti-odour, anti-static, 4-way stretch, 100% biodegradeable eco fibres, bonded seams, and UV protection among the many.

Lole: We love how simple yet stunning Lole’s designs are, find a range of yoga & pilates products available for you to ShopandBox, including yoga mats, tote bags, headbands, and apparel.

Athleta: Gap’s sister performance wear brand has a huge range of clothing for your preference, whether you’re into swimming, golf, yoga or running.

Hardtail Forever: Another all-American brand based in Santa Monica, Hardtail Forever’s clothing makes us want to wear a sports bra and hoodie out with sweatpants so cool that it looks almost like couture.

And if you have a little more dough to splurge on overhauling your closet, take on these few brands to ensure you’ll always look stylish for your workout class:

Rese: Rese Activewear’s edgy, functionally chic tops and leggings/pants are perfect for those looking to get a range of clothing for bikram yoga, barre, tennis and more.

Torysport: Want to go the high fashion route? Tory Burch’s sportswear line will ensure you’re the most stylish woman in the studio. This season is all about laidback luxe with a dash of Seventies silhouettes.

Yogasmoga: From pilling resistant Supplex® technology that’s far more superior than generic nylons to high-quality Lycra that has memory retention, this brand makes it worth every cent to ShopandBox its high-tech fabrics from USA.

Kate Spade Activewear: Trust Kate Spade to deliver “muffin top proof” (elastic band free) activewear that is quick-drying and moisture-wicking. You can guarantee that you’ll never have a bad-dressed day with this brand.

Alala Style: Bet you haven’t seen a yoga brand that customises its leggings. Alala offers over 700 combinations to choose from, including an exclusive colour palette, complimentary reflective monogram, and performance ready design + materials for your yoga leggings.

Outdoor Voices: Outdoor Voices’ founder and CEO Tyler Haney has trained in Parsons School of Design before deciding to start her new category of activewear. For minimalist, contemporary designs that you can wear from the gym to lunch, look no further.

Aether Apparel: All about living a wholesome active lifestyle, Aether Apparel also offers everyday clothing such as jackets, sweaters, and vests that go along with a theme (whether city, mountain or motorcyle loving individuals).

The Upside: Founded by Australian fashion icon Jodhi Meares, The Upside is catered for the fashion-loving, sporty man/woman who loves nothing but a pack in the punch when it comes to his/her performance wear.

Alternative Apparel: A sustainable brand that uses eco and organic fabrics, Alternative Apparel’s clothing is also made using non-toxic, low-impact dyes to ensure that you aren’t leaving a significant environment footprint while you’re working out.

Kira Grace: For fuss-free clothing that are impeccably well-made, Kira Grace is one brand for you. Find anything from sporty, cute, feminine, or fun with their designs that are made for women of all body types.

Wellicious: Wellicious is popular with celebs such as Selena Gomez and Naomi Watts, thanks to its ethically made garments made from soft and organic fabrics; its organic seamless and green polyamide range also are bestsellers with its clients.

Shop our picks from each brand below:



1. Athleta Quest Criss Cross Chaturanga Capri, USD69, + Add To Wishlist

2. Zobha Cody Mesh Raceback Singlet Tank, USD39, + Add To Wishlist

3. Rese Jillian Halter, USD80, + Add To Wishlist

4. Lucy Hatha Shorts, USD49, + Add To Wishlist

5. Onzie Bound Bra, USD54, + Add To Wishlist

6. Manuka Life Botanical Star Leggings, USD54, + Add To Wishlist

7. Mika Celeste Legging Pants, USD78, + Add To Wishlist

8. Yogasmoga Laguna Bra, USD80, + Add To Wishlist

9. Tory Sport Elastic Waist Shorts, USD65, + Add To Wishlist

10. Kate Spade Ridge Street Lance Yoga Bag, USD298, + Add To Wishlist

11. Cory Vines The Path Long Sleeve Eclipse, USD38, + Add To Wishlist

12. Wellicious Catsuit, USD200, + Add To Wishlist

13. Lolë Eliana Capri, USD90, + Add To Wishlist

14. Alala Captain Crop Tight, USD105, + Add To Wishlist

15. Outdoor Voices Two Tone Athena Crop Top, USD50, + Add To Wishlist

16. Aether Wonder Tank, USD52, + Add To Wishlist

17. The Upside Valley Palms Snapper Tank, USD129, + Add To Wishlist

18. Alternative Eco-Jersey Jogger Pants, USD52, + Add To Wishlist

19. Kira Grace Romance Mesh Tunic, USD78, + Add To Wishlist

20. Hard Tail Flat Waist Capri Leggings, USD78, + Add To Wishlist


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