Shopper Profile: Food blogger and miniature pottery enthusiast, Cynthia

One of the joys of providing a tailored shopping service to connect Shoppers and Boxers from all over the globe is that we always meet amazing individuals whose life stories and personal interests are inspirational as they are engaging. We recently e-met Shopper Cynthia from Singapore, who has ShopandBoxed from Japan four times in the past to acquire supplies for her side hobby—creating the most precious, miniature food clay jewellery that we’ve laid our eyes upon.

A teacher by day, full-time blogger by night and an avid miniature clay maker of mouth-watering delicacies, Cynthia’s talents know no boundaries, evident by her well-crafted miniatures that look exceptionally real and good enough to eat. Take a look at her blog and Instagram to see what we mean. Whether it is macaron bracelets, Nyonya kueh earrings, or ramen rings, Cynthia’s love for food and artistic expertise definitely translates to her creations.

We had a quick chat with Cynthia on her hobby and inspirations:


Artist Cynthia Lim


Cynthia Soup

Cynthia’s Le Creuset and Stew Creation

1. How did you started on your clay journey and what inspired you to start crafting miniature food jewellery?

I’ve always been very fascinated with replica food, especially those you see at Japanese restaurants. I can just stand gazing at them for a long time! I bought a couple of DIY kits from Tokyo in January 2014 and enjoyed them enough to get the entire range in December 2015 when I visited Tokyo again. I chanced upon a workshop for miniature charms using polymer clay that featured local snacks and enjoyed playing with it but realised that I didn’t quite fancy working with polymer clay. I then attended workshops for air dry clay and fell in love with them though I made larger replicas then. So I decided to ShopandBox the clay from Japan and the rest is history!


2. What is your business called, and is it a full-time endeavour?

It’s called Cynthia’s Miniatures, and I’ve toyed around with a range of miniatures using air dry clay and also sold a couple of them. I actually have a full time job so this is just a side hobby of mine that I enjoy doing.

Cynthia Fishball Soup

Proudest Creation – Fishball Soup Ring!

3. What’s the one piece that you’re proudest of?

One of my best pieces would be the Fishball Mee Kia soup that I did. I think it was really life-like!


Cynthia’s fantastic creations!

4. What inspires you when you are coming up with your creations?

My favourite food inspires me a lot and it doesn’t help that I love food. I also blog about recipes so I do get a lot of inspiration from the desserts that I’ve baked or food that I’ve cooked.


5. What’s your vision for your business?

I have considered turning this into a business but it’s pretty tough given that I have a full-time job that requires a lot of my energy. But it’ll be lovely for me to set up an online shop that allows for international reach to share my love for miniature clay.


Cynthia's crafting materials from Japan

Cynthia’s crafting materials from Japan

6. Tell us more about how your experience with ShopandBox.

I heard of it from actress Shu An who tried ShopandBox out in her Clicknetwork Tried and Tested seriesI’ve shopped with ShopandBox four times I believe, and it’s great because it has enabled me to purchase materials and books from Japan that are otherwise costly and unavailable in Singapore.


7. What’s next on your ShopandBox wishlist?

More snacks, crafting tools and clay from Japan. I’ll probably try out Boxers from other countries for my next shopping haul.


8. A favourite city to travel to?

Without a doubt, Japan!


Take a look at how Shopper Cynthia crafts a miniature clay egg from scratch in this video below!

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