Weird and Wonderfully Wacky Gifts from Japan

What do you give someone who has everything? For moments like these, we’ve come up with a concise list that is sure to delight even the most fussy friend. Here are our top 5 weird and wonderfully wacky (maybe even practical!) picks:

(1) For the Pet Lover








Introducing the mini Kimono for the fashion-forward owners and their little pooches. These Kimonos are guaranteed to give your little darlings a swag when they take their daily walk around the hood. Comes in two sizes and multiple colours.

Price: 2000 Yen Add to wishlist

(2) For the Aspiring Model

Nose Lifter







A pointy sharp nose isn’t just for Pinocchio. Say hello to the Nose Lifter. Wear it daily, and you’re likely to see a higher, sharper nose… or failing which, you can use it when there’s a stench in the air, and you want to limit your breathing to small shallow breaths.

Price: 6476 Yen Add to wishlist

(3) For the Instant Noodle Addict

Instant noodle







Instant noodle lovers, here is a contraption that you’ll love. The Cupmen 1 Hold On, and Cupmen 2 Relax comes in a lovely shade of red and changes colour when your noodles have reached the optimum temperature. Springy, al dente noodles here we come.

Price: 840 Yen Add to wishlist

(4) For the Shy & Conservative







Panties for your smartphone! At 200 Yen, our phone can now afford to get dressed up in a new getup every single day. Stripes, animal prints, thongs, bikinis, your mobile phone is all ready to bare its cheeks =)

Price: 200 Yen Add to wishlist

(5) For the Smart Parents







Love this one, not exactly from Japan but apparently the idea stemmed from the land of the rising sun. While your little one is busy crawling and exploring the house, why not let him do some cleaning at the same time? It’s called killing two birds with one stone!

Price: 40 USD Add to wishlist


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    Louise T Marsh
    July 10, 2018 at 1:46 am

    Do you carry a toy that is called Boner the Humping Hound? I found an ad in a magazine that advertised this plush dog and the site given was ( It is advertised for $20.00 Canadain, can you help me with this as my son is getting married and I would love to give this as a joke to him.

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