14 Silk Essentials Every Woman Should Own


You have to admit—no fabric feels as good and luxurious as silk. The way its natural protein structure is formed makes it the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics and perfect for all seasons, be it in the cool temperatures of winter or the hot and humid weather.

Despite its silky smooth appearance, this fabric is surprisingly strong and able to resist soil and odours unlike other fabrics. It can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without leaving a damp feeling. Below, we make a case for this luxurious material and why you should have this in your bedroom, wardrobe and beauty kit:

For the boudoir:


  1. Hair Wrap, Isla, GBP45, + Add To Wishlist: This 100% pure mulberry silk hair wrap is a must-have to protect hair while you’re catching your beauty zzz’s. Comfortable to wear on your head, it prevents your hair ends from getting frizzy and splitting from the abrasive texture of bed linen.
  2. Silk Pyjama Top, La Perla, USD158, + Add To Wishlist: Wear this silk satin pj top to sleep if you’re the sort who tends to get hot in the middle of the night. Its material will keep you cool throughout, plus its classic silhouette will stand the test of time.
  3. Silk Eye Mask, Doughnut, GBP20, + Add To Wishlist: Snazzy eye masks come in the form of this doughnut printed version. Get some shut-eye with this eye mask, made from white silk with a soft velvet reverse.
  4. Olivia Robe – Navy, Maison du Soir, USD320, + Add To Wishlist: Nothing screams royalty quite like this chic robe from Maison du Soir. We love everything from its contrast piping to its floor-length style.
  5. Silk Pillowcase, Mulberry, USD59, + Add To Wishlist: Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, this pillowcase is what you need to protect your hair from friction damage as you sleep. Its fabric is both breathable yet insulating—perfect for all seasons.
  6. Short, Reina, USD120, + Add To Wishlist: Ever better than silk tops and robes are airy shorts that’s both luxurious and utterly chic. Lounge all day in these, and head to bed right after!


Head out in these:


  1. Silk Scrunchies, Slip, USD39, + Add To Wishlist: Did you know that traditional hair ties can damage your hair strands and cause breakage easily? Try on these silk scrunchies that are made of high-grade silk—perfect for a ’90s throwback, and to reduce those annoying ridges caused by elastics.
  2. Cotton Silk Sweatpants, Arket, GBP89, + Add To Wishlist: One look at these sweats and we know that it isn’t destined for merely lounging. Made of soft cotton and mulberry silk blend, these sweatpants are definitely worth repping out.
  3. Wool Silk Socks, Cos, GBP7, + Add To Wishlist: Slip on these comfy, wool-silk socks that’s speckled and ribbed for a fashion statement.
  4. Sheer Midi Silk Skirt, Lilysilk, USD89.99, + Add To Wishlist: Silk skirts are our new favourite staple but this one from Lilysilk is a stunner with a semi-sheer design that has dots and gold lines over the gossamer mesh overlay. Perfect for date nights and weekends out.
  5. Silk Slip Dress, Madewell, USD148, + Add To Wishlist: We can’t resist slip dresses for its versatility. Wear this classic slip from Madewell over a tee, with a jacket, or even tucked into jeans to transform your look in various ways.
  6. Silk top, Sunna, USD56, + Add To Wishlist: If colour is what you love, take on Sunna’s cool blue peplum top that’s great to transition from the workplace to the weekend.


Prep your skin:


  1. C Advance Anti-Aging Serum, Silk Therapeutics, USD122, + Add To Wishlist: For the first time ever, silk is used as an active ingredient in beauty products. This serum from Silk Therapeutics has a blend of activated silk, 10% vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to instantly brighten skin, visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and dark spots.
  2. Miracle 17, Silk Therapy, USD19.98, + Add To Wishlist: Silky smooth tresses are easy to score when you’ve got this leave-in conditioner by Silk Therapy. It conditions and hydrates hair while protecting it from environmental damage and breakage.


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Featured image: Maison Du Soir

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