New Baby Must-Haves

Today we have a guest-post by Aussie yummy mummy Ven who gave birth 4 months ago to the sweetest little bub! For mums-to-be or mums who’ve just popped, read on to find out what are some essentials you’re going to need, best thing is that they’ve been tried and tested. Hint: ShopandBox-ing these items from the US is going to save you some serious cash so that you have enough mulla for bub’s schooling expenses!

A message from Ven –

Dear Shoppers,

If you’re a new mum like me, you’ll already have realized that “popping in to the shops” to pick up a few things for your new bundle of joy isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. Actually, most activities, including going to the bathroom, or having a hot meal aren’t quite the same any more.

Shopping these days either involves the mad scramble of transferring a living and ticking time bomb from car seat to pram and back to car seat, or frantically ordering every magical item that promise better sleep online (a piece of plastic that I can roll my pram over to make baby sleep? Yes please!)

After 4 months of muddling our way through new parenthood, I’m putting together a list of the Top 10 things that I’ve found the most useful since having bubs. I hope this list will help with creating your baby shower registry and your foray into new parenthood! Congratulations!

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  1. A good, sturdy pram—newborns are so tiny and fragile! We love our iCandy Peach pram, USD 699.99, + Add To Wishlist, which supported Bubba perfectly especially in the precious first weeks and also allowed me to get out and about on daily dog and pram walks. The travel system is wonderful for quickly and easily transferring a sleeping baby between car and pram with minimal fuss. Ours works with the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP capsule, USD 199.99, + Add To Wishlist.
  1. A zip-up swaddle—traditional muslin wraps were okay in the first week or two for swaddling, but soon Bubba was quickly breaking out of the swaddle and it became annoying to constantly have to re-wrap her.
  • The Love to Dream Swaddle Up, USD 27, + Add To Wishlist, is a swaddle that angel wraps and helps Bubba to self-soothe by sucking on her hands. It also makes your baby look like a snow angel which is very cute.
  • An Ergo Cocoon, USD 29.99, + Add To Wishlist, has also been great for quick and easy swaddling with no acrobatic escapes. When Bubba started rolling and needed to start sleeping unswaddled, opening the press-studs at the arms allowed it to be used as a sleeping bag, making it good value for money.
  1. A colourful activity gym—this is an absolute must-have as it keeps most babies entertained long enough for mum to have lunch. Bubba liked staring at the colourful toys hanging from the arches as a newborn, and now that she’s older, she laughs, grabs and bats at the toys. It’s also great for tummy time to help with gross motor development.
  1. Bouncer and swing—these were great for when Bubba was especially fussy at witching hour. We have the Bright Starts Playful Pals bouncer and Fisher Price Spacesaver Swing, USD 59.99, + Add To Wishlist.
  1. Nappy disposal system—we were given Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System, USD 89, + Add To Wishlist, at our baby shower. This was incredibly useful and hygienic especially in the newborn days of 12 dirty nappies a day! The bin seals each nappy up neatly and keeps the nursery stink-free.
  1. Zip-up onesies—back to the 12 nappy changes a day. It was not amusing after a while to keep trying to fasten pop-up buttons while doing a change in the dark of night while trying not to wake a half-asleep (or nearly awake and screaming) baby. Gerber, from USD 7.70, + Add To Wishlist, has zipfront onesies that include snaps on the side for no-fuss dressing over baby’s head. Bubba has at least 4 suits in each size which have lasted for ages.
  1. Ergobaby Performance carrier with newborn insert, USD 139, + Add To Wishlist—Bubba enjoyed being held close especially in the earlier weeks, and it was great having a carrier to relieve the weight on my arms and back. We plan to use this a lot when traveling too.
  1. Nursing pillow—this was helpful especially in the early days when feeding was awkward and new. I was given the My Brest Friend, USD 34.99, + Add To Wishlist, and Boppy pillows, USD 39.98, + Add To Wishlist.
  1. Steam sterilizer—really useful and fuss-free for sterilizing bottles if bottle-feeding. We were given the Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer, USD 50.57, + Add To Wishlist.
  1. Nappy bag—I got the Skip Hop Duo Special Edition French Stripe bag, USD 69.99, + Add To Wishlist.

So that’s my top 10 for the first 4 months of new baby must-haves.

Happy shopping, and enjoy new parenthood!

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