The Best of K-Beauty Brand VDL according to Boxer Donia

Today’s K-beauty guest blogger is our very own Boxer Donia from South Korea! Previously, she gave us a sneak peek into her beauty bag that included a chockful of Espoir products that you can find out more here. This week however, Boxer Donia breaks down VDL and all her favourite picks:

VDL is another great Korean brand that joined the market not long ago. It’s a bit on the pricier side, compared to brands like Missha or Etude House, but they do have amazing products are worthy paying the price for. I think they hit the jackpot when they started their (still ongoing) collaboration with Pantone – that’s when they really got my attention (as an art major, I have a soft spot for Pantone!) Then came their Kakao Friends collab and so their position on the market was secured! They generally have really interesting collaborations such as the one with Coco Rocha last year, and I always look forward to their new releases.

So now to my top 7 in no particular order, because I love them all!

1. Expert Color Primer for Eyes, KRW13,000, + Add To Wishlist


This item was their first bestseller, if I’m not mistaken, and you had to sign up on a waiting list to be able to get it. I think the fame is well deserved, because it is the most user-friendly eyeshadow primer I have ever used. It’s not too tacky so the application isn’t tricky – you don’t have to worry about eyeshadow gathering in places where you didn’t blend out too much (this happened to me with other primers and I ended up having dark eyeshadow spots here and there).

A tip is not to overdo it. You really don’t need a lot or product – just one swipe across the eyelid, don’t cake it on – for it to work the best. Another important thing is that this stays on all day! I am a proud owner of oilids (how I like to call oily lids, hehehe) and eyeshadows without a base tend to crease on me after 10 minutes, so this is a life saver. Also, it is always released in fun packaging with new collaborations!


2. Air Fluid Foundation SPF 35, PA++ – 30ml, KRW34,000, + Add To Wishlist

air-fluid-foundation air-fluid-foundation-swatch

This was the first Korean foundation I ran out to get after trying one sample. It’s perfect for my combination-oily skin thanks to its lightweight, watery formula that gives great coverage. A dream! I sometimes mix it with their Lumilayer Primer. Remember to shake it before using, as the formula separates. If you’re thinking of trying out Korean foundation or even your first K-beauty product – get this one!


3. Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark), KRW12,000, + Add To Wishlist


These are some shiny eyeshadow duos: Amazing colors, amazing color payoff, amazing shine – not much more to add here, the swatches speak for themselves, I feel. If you want to shine, here’s how!


4. Festival Mineral Blusher (Love Mark), KRW14,000, + Add To Wishlist


I love these – I have two duos from the line and one singular product. They pack on a great shine, and the duos look amazing mixed or as a blush-highlighter duo! If you dip your brush into them and just apply on your cheek with the darker colour on your cheek and the highlight colour on your cheek bone, it gives great definition to your features and works as a nice subtle contour! I generally love their blushes, I also have one matte one from their Kakao Friends collab and that is equally amazing as well.


5. Expert Color Eye Book 6.4, KRW48,000, + Add To Wishlist


I might be biased because I’m a total sucker for Pantone, but I really like these eyeshadow palettes. You can tell that because I own 4 of them: No. 1, 3, 4, and 5 – I enjoy using all! While the newest one does have one total miss when it comes to pigmentation (the blue eyeshadow is the only one lacking), they generally are very reliable. Better yet, it comes in beautiful palettes which will look lovely on your vanity dresser.


6. Beauty Mattifying Fix Mist and Beauty Radiance Fix Mist, 115ml for KRW18,000, + Add To Wishlist


These are genius if you have issues with your makeup staying on all day. I use both mists – the Mattifying one on most of my face and the Radiance mist on my cheeks. You can obviously just go for one, but I just like being cautious! I think they are a bit stickier than the Espoir mists – hence they are a bit stronger. I love them equally, but the VDL ones might just make my blush last a bit longer. I also have the Hydro Mist (the cute Kakao Friends collab version) and I love to use that as a part of my skincare!


7. Locking Mineral Powder, KRW24,000, + Add To Wishlist


Now this gem was discovered by my friend, and I will be forever thankful to her. This is such a finely-milled, delicate, and light loose powder – I can’t get enough of it! I use it daily to set both my under-eye concealer and my face makeup. It really is some kind of divine dust for me and I can’t praise it enough.


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