These Are The Top 4 Pineapple Pastries to Get From Taiwan


It is no secret that pineapple pastries are Taiwan’s most popular form of snack. The fruit itself holds some significance and history behind its popularity—in Taiwanese Hokkien language, the word “pineapple” means  “to come forth, prosperous and thriving”, hence its popularity as a gift during weddings and momentous occasions.

Pineapple cakes however, are crumbly bite-sized pastries filled with chewy pineapple filling encased within a fragrant crust. These were eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. But as of late, pineapple cakes have gotten super popular and was then reinterpreted in smaller brick-shaped sizes—which could be a literal symbol for golden bricks/prosperity.

The pineapple cake craze eventually hit countries within Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia. Famous pineapple cake stores in Taiwan such as SunnyHills have been making a mark in this part of the continent, and locals are also jumping on the bandwagon. Case in point: Chinese New Year is never complete without pineapple cake exchanging.

During our recent trip to Taiwan, we explored and taste-tested three of the most decadent pineapple cakes from the country that you can ShopandBox:

Chia Te


One great thing about Chia Te is that you can customise your own box of 6 or 20 pieces of tarts/pastries from anything within the store. Founded in 1975 at a small fishing village, Chia Te has won a slew of awards for its drool-worthy pastries. We sampled the Pineapple Pastry, which is their original flavoured pastries that are densely packed with pineapple and isn’t overly sweet. Chia Te’s Pineapple and Salted Egg Pastries are well-known as well, and it comes in a flaky, buttery shell. Other options that are worth checking out include the cranberry, plum and longan flavours.


  1. Original Jade Pineapple Pastry, TWD168, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Pineapple + Salted Egg Yoke Pastry, TWD168, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Pineapple Cranberry Pastry, TWD168, + Add To Wishlist
  4. Longan Pastry, TWD168, + Add To Wishlist


Vigor Kobo

If you’re planning to explore Taiwan in the near future, drop by Vigor Kobo for pineapple pastries that are prettily packaged as well. The store is conveniently located next to the Ximen MRT station in Ximending, one of the more popular tourist spots in the city. The store offers samples to try, and we taste-tested the original pineapple tarts that are unique in shape. It is actually flatter than the typical brick shape that pineapple pastries come in—those who enjoy the crust of pineapple pastries should go for this.

Try: Vigor Kobo Pineapple Tarts, TWD360, + Add To Wishlist


Wu Pao Chun

Unbeknownst to us, Wu Pao Chun was founded by one of Taiwan’s most popular pastry chefs who won the title of “Master Baker” at the 2010 Bakery Masters competition in Paris. We stumbled upon the store inside the New Horizon mall when we were deciding on what to eat for lunch, and saw a queue outside the store. Inside offers a variety of breads baked with lychee rose, longan, berries, and even Hokkaido corn meal; and beautifully packaged pastries that would make excellent gifts. Wu Pao Chun’s pineapple pastries also do not come in the conventional brick shapes, and are round instead.

Try: Wu Pao Chun Pineapple Pastry, TWD420, + Add To Wishlist



Taichung natives are proud to call Dawncake their own and this bakery is known for it’s pastries, cheesecakes as well as light and airy pineapple cakes. Their stores are delightful, unique in design and pack a sensory punch (tip: visit the store at Miyahara for some old world charm). Furthermore, their pineapple cakes are made without artificial extracts and wax gourd which is a huge bonus in this day and age where nasty additives are often added to prolong the shelf-life of their pastries.

Try: Dawncake Pineapple Pastry, TWD420, + Add To Wishlist



What are some of your favourite pineapple pastry shops that you frequent in Taiwan or any other country in Asia? Drop us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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    I’m an American-raised caucasian who has never visited Asia but lived in Hawaii for 5 years where I learned to love pineapple treats. Recently I had these pineapple pastries in a “Try the Word” box and am hooked. When I was last visiting Seattle I purchased several kinds at an Asian grocery and taste tested them. I really need to visit Taiwan for many reasons but these pineapple pastries will tried! Thanks for you informative article.

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