Popular Face Masks This Season

Investing in a reputable and highly-reviewed brand of face mask is one of the best ways to keep your skin in check every week. It’s also handy and efficient if you don’t have the time and resources to go for weekly facial treatments. Some face masks currently in the market promise to deliver amazing properties, from anti-aging, brightening/whitening, to acne-clearing and pore-minimizing etc. (Also, it’s ten times the fun when you have a mass face-mask/DIY mani-pedi session with your girlies!)

Based on what our Boxers from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, US and France are telling us, here are some recent and classic favourites that Shoppers have been requesting for:


MBD Taiwan

My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks – Taiwan, TWD 250 for a box of 10, + Add To Wishlist

Known for its nourishing, brightening, firming and moisturizing properties, My Beauty Diary’s Sheet Masks are extremely popular and you can find a variety of different active ingredients: Royal Jelly for refining and revitalizing; Black Pearl for optimal whitening and brightening; Imperial’s Bird’s Nest for nourishing and invigorating; and Hyaluronic Acid for long-lasting brightening and firming. They also offer anti-wrinkle eye masks and hydrogel lip masks if you’re interested!


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Annie’s Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask – Taiwan, TWD 350, + Add To Wishlist

Hyaluronic acid has been proven to boost skin’s moisture content, reduce inflammation, and help prevent moisture loss. This, combined with arbutin—an extract found in bearberry plant and pears—makes this jelly mask an effective skin-whitening and lightening product.


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Kao Megurism Steam Eye Mask – Japan, JPY 1,300, + Add To Wishlist

Consisting of a thermo pad that generates a moderate amount of steam at a temperature of approximately 40 degrees Celsius, this nifty Japanese product apparently helps to ease tension on the eye muscles. It also comes in a variety of scents such as chamomile ginger, lavender and rose.

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SNP Animal Mask Sheets – South Korea, KRW 1,290, + Add To Wishlist

So South Korea’s latest trending beauty product is something that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing on your face in a selfie: animal-face sheet masks! These uber cute multicoloured face masks are made from natural pulp and 50% coconut juice + 50% coconut water (which contains electrolytes and potassium that are amazing skin nourishments). Tip: have a few friends share a Box with you with these masks as it’ll be added fun during an animal-themed-movie-night-slumber-party!


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Glamglow Mud Mask – US, USD 69, + Add To Wishlist

Originally made for Hollywood backstage use only, GLAMGLOW’s highly-raved Mud Mask line (Supermud, Youthmud, Thirstymud, and Powermud) contain active ingredients such as charcoal, green tea leaf, French sea clay etc to exfoliate and brighten skin—and all their masks are paraben- and sulfate-free too!


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Caudalie Instant Detox Mask – France, EUR 20, + Add To Wishlist

This French brand is known for its detoxifying properties and ability to invigorate your complexion while unclogging toxins and impurities from your pores. Active ingredients include grape marc for detoxification, pink clay and coffee to purify, papaya enzymes for radiance and eight essential oils for skin nourishing. You can find other face masks too such as their Moisturizing-Cream Mask, Glycolic Peeling Mask, and Purifying Mask.

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