Price Comparison: Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charm

As if the world of luxury fashion design cannot get anymore extravagant (to the point of ridiculousness), the latest and hottest accessory trending right now isn’t precious baubles, snakeskin bags or fox fur coats—but something else entirely.

Enter Fendi’s Mini Karlito Bag Charm. Made from mink and kidassia fur with a leather calfskin detailing, the mini Karlito has done exceptionally well that it never really is on sale anywhere, and in fact there’s a waitlist for this furry accessory!

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Priced at twice the cost of its previous monster bag charms, Fendi’s pompom charm is taken after none other than its creative director (and also of Chanel) Karl Lagerfeld—we’re sure that those elusive black sunglasses are a dead giveaway. Celebrities and fashion bloggers alike are also jumping on the Karlito bandwagon, from Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad to social media-lite/model Kendall Jenner, spot this charm hanging on the bags of these mavens:

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Get your hands on this absolutely touchable bag accessory directly from Italy with the help of our Boxer, as it has sold out in-stores in Singapore, whereas this isn’t even available in-stores in Australia or Malaysia—all the more the reason to add this into your wishlist and submit your order now.

If you decide to wait for when Singapore has replenished its stock before buying it in-stores, you’ll be happy to know that you can still save on a whopping SGD 227 (EUR 143)* if you ShopandBox this cute accessory from Italy in any case, as the price of this mini charm is a cool SGD 1,580 compared to SGD 1,300 (EUR 820) if you got it from Italy!

*price excludes GST, VAT, PayPal fees and other duties shoppers will be subjected to

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Photo on home page credits to @Anna_Dello_Russo on Instagram

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