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When you think of Ladurée, the first thing that crosses your mind will likely be the legendary French patisserie, famed for its beautiful macarons which are almost like edible jewellery. But if you can’t get your hands on their macarons, the next best thing is probably their makeup collection: Les Merveilleuses Ladurée.

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Inspired by 18th century young Parisian women who aspired for liberation and pursued their beauty in their own unique ways, the collection’s star products are their blushers — something that noble Parisian ladies from then were allowed to use for beautification purposes.

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Their Cream Cheek Base is one of their popular products, which offers a highly-pigmented colour in five different shades that you can apply directly onto your cheeks, leaving a silky-matte feeling. Another pro about this is that the packaging is so gloriously pretty too! It’s so much fun to use that the gorgeous actress and host, Shu An of  ‘Tried and Tested’ gave it a huge thumbs up when reviewing it!

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Ladurée’s other highly-rated product is their Rose Blush: literally rose-petal shaped papers coated with blush that you can refill in a plastic pot. This screams Marie Antoinette and is absolutely posh-like with a subtle scent as well, in three different colours. If you’re wondering how you can apply this over your cheeks, a natural-haired brush will work perfectly with picking up some of the product.

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Ladurée’s Les Merveilleuses Pressed Cheek Colour (comes in 20 colours) offers great pigment and leaves a smooth, semi-matte hue that needs to be well-blended for a lovely flush over the cheeks. This product is great even for dry skin as it doesn’t leave your skin looking patchy or parched.

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If you’re already starry-eyed over these three blushers, you’d be glad to know that you can ShopandBox them from Japan as these aren’t available in all countries yet. And in case you were wondering about prices in France as well, we’ve done a price comparison on how much they cost in each of these countries. To our surprise, they worked out to be cheaper in Japan so we also show you how much it costs when you ShopandBox these three blushes from Japan to Australia, Singapore and Malaysia!

ShopandBox Infographics Laduree2


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In a nutshell, it is much more affordable to ShopandBox these from Japan instead of France*, as base prices of each item indicate a distinct contrast. Factoring in service fee and ShopandBox fee, you get to save more than AUD 30/SGD 100/MYR 250 by getting these cosmetics from Japan.

And we all know what’s great about ShopandBox-ing cosmetics from abroad—bundling more of it to make the most out of the international shipping fees! These Ladurée blushers are also great gifts as they are small and beautifully-packaged (think floral pink boxes with the Les Merveilleuses Ladurée emblem.)

*Prices indicated exclude duties, tax, GST and any other Paypal fees that Shoppers might be subjected to

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*if you opt for DHL Express

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