What Can You Get with USD100 from a Pharmacy in Japan

If you’re a beauty addict and absolutely can’t resist shopping when you’re in drugstores, Japan’s discount pharmacy Matsumoto Kiyoshi is one space you need to check out in person or virtually if you’re not making a trip to Japan anytime soon. The beauty about these discount pharmacies is that they have a truckload of amazing beauty products (be it makeup, skincare, accessories or anything else beauty-related) offered at reduced prices.

On our recent expedition to Tokyo (read more about our trip to lifestyle store LOFT), our Boxers from Japan took us along to Matsumoto Kiyoshi to explore this sprawling magic wonderland. We gave ourselves a USD100 budget to find out what exceptional goodies we can actually get our hands on, and here’s what we found:



Pointy Cotton Swabs, 280 JPY, (+ Add To Wishlist): You can find the same version from Sephora at double the price, and only priced at 280 JPY (USD 2.44), it is a huge steal!

Organic Cotton Pads, medium-size, 200pcs, 458 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Why not fork out the same amount of money for a pack of 200 organic cotton pads instead of a pack of 70 as spotted in Sephora?


Individually-Wrapped Cotton Makeup Remover Swabs, 280 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): This is a great way to bring along a stash of cotton swabs when you’re traveling instead of having to manually pack a bunch of swabs and wrap it in tissue.




LuLuLun Hydrating Sheet Mask + Cream Mask in a tub, 1,500 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Catching the Hong Kong, Japan and Korea beauty industry by storm, LuLuLun’s face masks boast a plethora of ingredients such as Acacia Honey and Avocado Extracts to hydrate and replenish your skin.

Pure Smile x Hello Kitty Mask, 400 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Its active ingredients include vitamin E, collagen and hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise fatigued and dry skin.


Hello Kitty Essence Mask Set

Hello Kitty Essence Mask Set, 1380 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): We can’t get enough of the adorable packaging of this face pack, and its floral scent is a delight as well!



Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, 1400 JPY for 32 pieces (+ Add To Wishlist): Talk about a skincare innovation, with Kanebo’s Clear Powder that combines two different enzymes to remove dead skin cells and impurities. This product also normalise skin’s sebum secretion to keep your skin less oily throughout the day. Simply pour out the powder from this tiny capsule into your palm, add a little water, and you’ll have a gentle face wash that guarantees baby smooth skin!



Mote Mascara (4 types to choose from), 1,800 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): This drugstore mascara which comes in cute aluminium packaging is super popular in Tokyo and for good reason. Each mascara has a different function and we love their ‘blue’ mascara which acts a water-proof base.



Shiseido Face Mask Capsules, 400 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Add this travel-sized face mask into your to-go beauty kit to save on space and indulge even while you’re on holiday! Simply add some water and see it expand to become a face mask packed with goodness.




Heated Foot Insoles, 300 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): This can come in handy when you constantly travel to a colder climate and if you’re a constant sufferer of cold feet, literally!

Baby Isehan Sunblock, 900 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Distract your child with a cute bear-shaped bottle so that you can apply adequate amounts of sunblock from the same bottle on him/her.



Nail Oil, 900 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): This version of nail oil comes in a nifty pen with a brush applicator for you to easily paint on the oil on your nails and cuticles. Nail Oils are one of those items that all our Japanese Boxers unanimously voted as a ‘must-have’ and ask your Boxer to recommend their favourite brand!



Shiseido Air Feel Mini Shampoo, 350 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Another reason why we love Japanese products? All the pink and princess-worthy packaging! This one smells sweet and feminine and comes in as nifty plastic case which means no leaks when you travel!



Armpit Stickers, 980 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): You can only find this useful underarm adhesive patch from Japan, made to combat perspiration and odour thanks to its anti-sweat and smell-absorbing properties .

Deodorant Ball, 640 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): While we’re on the same page, this deodorant ball is also a great way to carry it along with you when you’re out and about.


For those who’ve got extra cash to burn:


Massage tools, starts at 1000 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Japanese innovations don’t get any more fascinating, with head massagers of all types guaranteed to send you to bliss or in fits of (ticklish) giggles.



Heated Eyelash Curler, 1886 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): Made for those with stubborn stick-straight lashes, heated eyelash curlers may be your saviour when it comes to holding a curl for a longer time period.



Wrinkle Free Stickers / Stretch Tape, 900 JPY (+ Add To Wishlist): This is one to add to your ‘just for fun’ shopping list = wrinkle-free and stretch tapes to try and see if these really do work or otherwise.


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