Brand Spotlight: Lifestyle store LOFT from Japan

If you’re one of those who love hanging out at Daiso or Tokyu Hands, simply to explore the wonder that is Japanese-crafted everything – from stationery and kitchen utensils to makeup to novelty items – this place that we’re about to highlight next should be your next virtual destination to ShopandBox from.


LOFT from Japan is essentially a Japanese lifestyle chain store that sells everyday commodities. The only difference between LOFT and other chains of its kind is that it carries a variety of creative stationery, home goods and gifts that are high-quality, quirky, yet stylish altogether.

We had the chance to explore the flagship store in Shibuya recently and it just about blew our (shopping) minds away. Spanning seven floors with each dedicated to specific types of goods (furniture, kitchen utensils, etc), the store is a must-see for every tourist who’s traveling to Tokyo. Here’s what we found that might be of interest to you Shoppers:


Known as steam cream, this handmade moisturiser is made using natural ingredients combined together by a shot of steam. This method creates a lightweight consistency that can provide long-lasting hydration.



Since 2-minute mug cakes were all the rage last year, this Cup de Cake from LOFT offers a ready-mix satchet for you to pop it in the microwave easily.



The store also carries the popular Japanese luggage and accessories brand, PORTER.




Animal face sheet masks aren’t the only fun quirky masks around anymore. Check out these officially licensed Marvel and Disney sheet masks produced by Isshin-do Honpo, retailing for JPY900 a pop at LOFT. They also offer a range of animal and kabuki face packs if you’re interested.



These might look like conventional nail polishes, but as we all know with Japanese goods, nothing is ever predictable! Paint your nails with scented nail polish in a variety of pastel and bold hues.



How cute are these Sitting Cat Kitchen Sponges? Prop your dish-washing sponge on the side of your sink and save on containers or sponge racks!



And if you ever need an extra touch to your office desk? ShopandBox a succulent/terrarium from LOFT!

Our Boxers from Japan are able to ShopandBox any of these bizarrely awesome products from the store. You can also check out their online store to find out what’s trending seasonally. If Valentine’s Day gifts are on your shopping list this week, LOFT’s 2016 Valentine’s Day gift ideas here are aplenty for you to explore. From Star Wars CD chocolates to the sweetest Mamuan chan postcards, there’s always something for everyone.

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