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gucci ace sneakers

For a luxury brand that has been mostly profiting from ready-to-wear and bags, Gucci has been trend blazing as of late with its lineup of shoes season after season. Ever since Alessandro Michele was appointed creative director, we’ve been seeing Gucci’s accessories high on must-have lists on editors and buyers alike. If you’re planning on splurging on something special for yourself, look no further than the Italian fashion house—you can’t go wrong when you’re wearing the same pair of shoes spotted on street style aficionados.

Shoes that have reached cult status in our books include cross strap heeled mules and rainbow platform sneakers to channel your inner David Bowie. But one pair of shoes that we’re seeing a lot as of late is versatile Gucci Ace sneakers available in a myriad of variations. We can see the appeal with this pair of kicks: The embroidered detailing makes for a stylish statement, especially when you’re prize functionality (and comfort) over form. Yes, you don’t need a pair of heels to look dressy—the Ace sneaker can be styled with anything in your closet, be it rugged boyfriend jeans or a feminine sundress.


Photo credits to Laia Magazine, Vogue India, Couturezilla

This week, we sought out the prices for this snazzy sneaker to find out where you can ShopandBox it for the lowest price:

gucci ace sneakers gucci ace sneakers

According to our sources, you can score Gucci Ace sneakers for the lowest price in Australia. Base prices from down south are almost USD50 cheaper than what you can get from Italy—contrary to the notion that goods are usually cheaper in its home country. Hit up our Boxers in Australia now to score one of these ASAP!

ShopandBox Gucci Ace sneakers below:

Gucci Ace Sneakers, Gucci, USD506, + Add To Wishlist


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