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Termed as 2016’s cult-favourite bag that was spotted on pretty much every blogger/editor’s arms, Spanish luxury brand Loewe hit the jackpot with creating the most fascinatingly-shaped accessory that could be worn in five ways.

Introducing the Loewe Puzzle bag, made entirely of triangular flaps of leather, stitched together immaculately with a modern, almost puzzle-like aesthetic. The beauty of this bag lies within its unique structure—its construction allows it to fall flat and be used as a clutch, yet, once it is filled out, it functions wonderfully as a crossbody, hand-carry, shoulder bag, and even a backpack!


Image: Who What Wear, Shot From The Street

When creative director of Loewe, Jonathan Anderson, first conceptualised a bag for the house, he thought of “deconstructing a conventional bag to create a flat object with a tri-dimensional function.” What transpired is one of the most popular bags you can find on stylish folk who roam the streets of fashion capitals. The Loewe Puzzle is available in a plethora of colours and materials, from embossed with the house’s logo to tricolour options. Whether edgy, casual or undoubtedly feminine, the Puzzle can be accessorised in a multitude of ways.

Sold on the idea of this intriguing bag-shelf must-have? You can now ShopandBox the Loewe Puzzle from France with savings in tow.


The Loewe Small Puzzle bag all are similarly priced across Spain, France and Italy. However, if you’re a Shopper from abroad or in any of these few countries, why not opt for some savings* by ShopandBoxing this bag from France? You’ll get this beauty in 1 to 3 days with our speedy DHL international shipping service, just in time for the new year. Add this to your wishlist now to start shopping!


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**Featured image: Glamour

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