Price Comparison: Spectra Breast Pump

Yummy mummies who are expecting bundle of joy(s) in a few months or so, you probably already have a newborn baby essentials checklist to prep you for your baby’s first few months. One of the items that should be high on your list is a breast pump, and especially one that has all the requirements you’re looking for, whether portable or rechargeable.

If you’re looking for a breast pump that is a great starter kit to have, consider Spectra 9 Plus. Spectra’s breast pumps are a popular pick with breastfeeding mums, and their bestsellers include the S1 and S2, both professional grade breast pumps that are powerful and efficient to boot.

The latest Spectra 9 Plus has a handful of features that will make it a must-have in your checklist:

Firstly, the Spectra 9 Plus happens to be the brand’s most portable pump. At only 400g, it’s lightweight and streamlined for you to bring along in your handbag. And if you’re a working mum who’s trying to juggle motherly duties alongside with your day job, this breast pump comes with a double kit so you can pump both breasts at one time. This also helps with your levels of prolactin in your blood, which is a boon for your milk supply. But if you only need a single pump, just swap it by closing the second nozzle.

Spectra breast pump

Image source: Pupsik Studio

Other features include an inbuilt rechargeable battery, an LCD display for you to check your vacuum and cycle settings, and also a timer on the display so you can keep track of how long you’ve been using the pump. Specs wise, it boasts a high performance vacuum of 300mmHg, and its “Letdown” mode is nifty whereby it will speed the start of milkflow, in a way that a baby would. You can also control the suction strength and cycle speed via one button—meaning the speed will slow down once you increase the suction. A handy feature is that it is able to memorise your pump setting, so there’s no need to adjust the suction level everytime you pump.

The Spectra 9 Plus sports a closed system, similar to all Spectra breast pumps. This means that you don’t have to worry about milk back-flowing into the pump motor and the risk of growing mould within—which can potentially lead to virus transmission.

If you’re interested in ShopandBoxing the Spectra 9 Plus Breast Pump, check out where you can it for less in our table below:

Spectra 9 Plus Breast Pump, Spectra, KRW219,000, + Add To Wishlist

For more information on this model, check out some useful reviews from these mummy-centric blogs: Living with Low Milk Supply, The Pumping Mommy, and Catjuan.


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