The Complete List of Baby Solids and Weaning Essentials


About time to wean your baby to solid foods? Start this exciting journey with minimal hassle, thanks to our list of weaning essentials below. If you aren’t too sure of what to stock up on or where to buy all the important things i.e. utensils, booster seats, bibs and such, add any of these into your ShopandBox list to have our Boxers score these for you in no time!

Beaba Babycook Original


Babycook OriginalBeaba, GBP99.9, + Add To Wishlist: Prep your baby’s food schedule ahead of time with this 4-in-1 processor that steams, blends, defrosts and reheats food in a breeze. The manual cyclone-effect blade adapts the food consistency to the child’s age—whether you intend to smooth or puree it.


OXO Food Containers

baby solids

Tot Glass Baby Blocks Food Storage ContainersOXO, USD18.99, + Add To Wishlist: Ensure all the pureed baby food are well-kept with these food storage containers. Made of durable, naturally BPA-free borosilicate glass, these containers are easily microwaveable and placed in the oven for reheating purposes. Plus, you can store both liquids and solids in these!


Munchkin Stay Suction Bowl

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Stay Suction Bowl, Munchkin, USD7.97, + Add To Wishlist: No weaning is complete without suction bowls to minimise messes and spills. Munchkin’s suction bowls have a strong base and quick-release tabs for easy parent removal. Chuck it in the microwave to reheat food, and to the dishwasher right after for easy cleaning.


Bumkins Silicone Grip Dish

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Comics Suction Silicone Grip DishBumkins, USD13.62, + Add To Wishlist: Let your little one learn how to self-feed with this divided plate that’s perfectly-sized for toddler portions. It has a strong suction base to ensure the dish stay put and can be used for highchair trays or tables.


Bumkins Sleeved Bib

baby solids

Sleeved BibBumkins, USD12.95, + Add To Wishlist: These generously-sized bibs are made of lightweight, waterproof, easy-wipe fabric that’s both stain and odour-resistant. Let your tot wear this and fret not over icky stuff growing between the layers of the bib.


Modern Twist Baby Bucket Bib

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Otter Baby Bucket BibModern Twist, USD20, + Add To Wishlist: Better yet, tie this baby bucket bib around your tot’s neck to catch food and drink spills when he/she is first experimenting with solids. It is made from FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, and is free of BPA, PVC, lead, latex, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals.


Grabease Cutlery Set

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Baby Cutlery SetGrabease, GBP12.95, + Add To Wishlist: Start your kid on hand feeding with these ergonomically-designed utensils. It has choke protection barrier for baby self-feeding and is perfect to promote their finger strength development too.


Fawn Hill Co Disposable Placemats

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Disposable PlacematsFawn Hill Co, USD13.99, + Add To Wishlist: These two-in-one placemats from Fawn Hill Co is both a functional and educational must-have for meal times. It comes with numbers, ABCs, and animal designs for your little one to identify and learn along the way. Made from eco-friendly, BPA-free material, it can stick to surfaces without leaving behind traces of glue as well.


The First Years Booster Set

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On The Go Booster SeatThe First Years, USD18.99, + Add To Wishlist: This super handy booster seat is what all mommies need for all occasions. All you have to do is pull out the valve and let it self-inflate into a sturdy full-size booster seat. Once your tot is done with meal time, press the air out and fold it back. It comes with an adjustable safety belt with T-restraint to help hold your child securely.


Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

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Miracle 360 Trainer CupMunchkin, USD11.25, + Add To Wishlist: Instead of a regular cup, start your toddler with a sippy cup that’s actually dentist-recommended. This spoutless design has a 360-degree drinking edge to eliminate spills, and it comes with two handles for easy holding.


Jujube Reusable Insulated Bottle Bag and Lunchbox

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Reusable Insulated Bottle Bag and LunchboxJujube, USD26, + Add To Wishlist: The best kind of food bags come insulated and stain-resistant. But Jujube’s taking it to a whole new level with these machine-washable bottle bag and lunchboxes. Its Teflon-treated outer fabric ensures food stains don’t stick, while the inner lining is odour-, mold and mildew resistant.


Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 Hand Blender

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Ultra-Stick 500 Hand BlenderMueller, USD29.99, + Add To Wishlist: Kickstart your baby’s weaning experience with homemade food, with the help of this hand blender from Mueller. Its stainless steel S-shaped fixed blade can blend ingredients for smoothies, purees, soups with zero hassle.

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