Sweet and Pretty Nibbles to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day gift isn’t as special as a heartfelt box of sweet nibbles if your better half has got a sweet tooth. While the generic chocolate/candy bar might not be up your alley for this occasion, these mouth-watering nibbles from USA, Canada and UK come in pretty packaging that’s perfect for #flatlays. From artisanal bonbons to champagne marshmallows, ShopandBox these decadent V-day nibbles for your loved one this month:

Vday nibbles

  1. White Chocolate with Strawberries, Divine Chocolate, USD3.9, + Add To Wishlist
    Buying chocolates for someone who absolutely loves white chocolate? Divine Chocolate’s special is smooth white chocolate made from cocoa butter with crunchy pieces of authentic strawberry crisp.
  2. Rosé All Day Bears, Sugarfina, USD8.5, + Add To Wishlist
    This gummy bears aren’t your typical store-bought ones. It has a waitlist of over +18,000 people but luckily for you, it’s now back in stock! Make your girl’s candy wishes come true with these Whispering Angel Rosé infused bears.
  3. Gold Champagne Marshmallows, Wondermade, USD24, + Add To Wishlist
    Luxury comes in the form of these marshmallows from Wondermade. It is cooked with champagne and hand covered with 24 karat edible gold—talk about edible indulgence!
  4. Sachet Sampler, Moon Dust, USD30, + Add To Wishlist
    Moon Dusts are made with organic and wild-crafted herbs and botanical blends, tailored to enhance your beauty, brain, body, sexual energy, sleep and spirit. It’s perfect to drink together in any beverage of your choice as well.
  5. Smoke Chocolate Bars, Mast, USD20, + Add To Wishlist
    New York based chocolate maker Mast is known for its chocolate bars, beverages, and confections that are all meticulously crafted in chic, minimalist packaging to boot. This particular flavour is for the chocolate lover, with 70% dark chocolate made with smoked beans.
  6. Truffle Box, Jacques Torres, USD12, + Add To Wishlist
    Master chocolatier Jacques Torres’ V-day specialty includes three delectable flavors: Manjari, Orange Cream, Kir Royale with Champagne Tattinger.
  7. Be Still My Lovely Hearts, Mink Chocolates, CAD22, + Add To Wishlist
    Whether for the hopeless romantic or single friend you know, Mink Chocolates’ V-day box will make his/her day with mojito ganache filled milk and dark chocolate hearts.
  8. Loving Surprise, Artisan du Chocolat, GBP8.99, + Add To Wishlist
    For those who are planning a big surprise (read: proposal) this Valentine’s Day, this box by Artisan du Chocolate features a small drawer that can hide a tiny gift or even extra chocolates if you need it.
  9. 6-pc Bonbons, The Chocolate Lab, CAD15, + Add To Wishlist
    Bonbons are a great idea if chocolates scream mainstream in your books. The Chocolate Lab’s bonbon flavours include strawberry + Earl Grey, chocolate mint, and even cocktail flavours for a touch of decadence.
  10. Strawberry Pepper Fettiluxe Bar, Compartés x Kelly Wearstler,  USD12.95, + Add To Wishlist
    Want to gift a bar that looks as good as it tastes? Compartes’ peppery and fruity chocolate bar is made with fresh strawberries, black pepper, and covered with 36% smooth white chocolate. Plus, it sports an eclectic artwork by American designer Kelly Wearstler.


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Featured image: Compartés

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