Price Comparison: Thermomix TM5

Fans of Nutribullet and Kuvings, this new 10-in-1 kitchen appliance will seriously make your cooking dreams come true. We bet you have never heard of a device that can actually do the mixing, steaming, blending, weighing, stirring, grinding, whipping, emulsifying, heating, kneading, cooking and chopping, efficiently – that’s about combining the tasks of 12 different appliances in one compact appliance!

Introducing the Thermomix TM5, your new kitchentop gadget that looks as good as it performs. This hi-tech product from the acclaimed household appliances brand Vorwerk  is our new latest go-to that has recently been released globally, and it isn’t sold anywhere (read: departmental stores) because that’s how exclusive it is. Before we get all tongue-tied (or finger-twisted) over typing a slew of functions it has got, here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know about this new kitchen essential:

– The Thermomix TM5 is an electronic weighing scale, food processor, food mixer and also combines the functions of a mincer, grater, dough maker, juicer, whisk, blender, ice cream maker, and even a coffee and spice grinder! The best part is that it weighs a mere 7.7kg and takes up as much as space as an A4-sized paper (HxWxD = 33.5cm x 33.3cm x 32.6cm)

– One of its features include a precise temperature control to prevent it from overheating (like a crockpot but better), and its powerful 500W motor allows complete control over blade speed and direction, along with sufficient power to take on tough kitchen tasks.

– The colour touchscreen on the simple interface enables you to control the cooking functions, and you can even browse through recipes and follow step-by-step instructions while you cook. Its Guided Cooking feature offers internal timers for you to set a specific duration for each process, hence allowing faster and more energy-efficient cooking.

– A digital cookbook comes in the form of a Recipe Chip that carries over 100 easy recipes that you can see via the Thermomix touchscreen. Cooking a meal is easy breezy now as all you need to do is follow the steps, add ingredients (Thermomix will weigh it for you), and select the recommended speed.

– If you think the Thermomix TM5 is one of those appliances that might end up being the white elephant of your kitchen, fret not as it is easy to use for beginners. Healthy food recipes are written in simple steps and you can actually prepare a lot of all-in-one meals if you’re a busy mum/dad who hasn’t got time to cook dinners ahead of time. Check out how you can actually bake buttermilk bread and making your own buttermilk with this appliance in this video:

Ready to add this sleek appliance to your kitchen counter?

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