How do you save on international shipping?

Shipping is a tricky topic. And we’re here to help you understand it so you can save even more when you ShopandBox! In the shipping world, there are two things a Shopper needs to be aware of – actual weight and volumetric weight.

Definition of Actual Weight vs Volumetric Weight:

Actual weight – what a parcel actually weighs when you place it on the scale
Volumetric weight – refers to dimensional weight and takes into account the length, width, and height of a package

Explaining Actual vs Volumetric Weight:

So usually when you are shipping something out, you are charged for whichever is higher. If your parcel’s actual weight is for instance, 10 kg but it’s volumetric weight is 15 kg, you will be charged for 15kg of shipping. This means that you can actually still stuff an additional 5 kg worth of items into your parcel since you’ll be paying for 15 kg of shipping.

So to save money when shopping and shipping internationally, here are two tips:

(1) Bundle and consolidate

  • Make use of our free bundling service. Shopping from different stores is free for you and your Boxer will consolidate all your items for you into one parcel. You’ll be surprised at how much empty space is lying around your box, those tiny spaces can be used to add in a lipstick, a pair of socks, a USB, earphones, the list goes on and on!

(2) Try to use a satchel where possible 

  • This is an exception to the norm. When your Boxer is able to fit all your shopping into a satchel/flyer (soft envelope), you are always charged for actual weight vs volumetric weight.

We do hope this makes things clearer for you! And here are some images from a real-life Shopper who sure made full use of her large volumetric item to shopandbox like a rockstar!


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