Which Currency Should You Pay In When ShopandBoxing?

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One of our most frequent questions that we get from Shoppers has got to be:

How to save money while ShopandBox-ing items from across the globe?

In this instance, the most apparent answer is to consolidate your box with a few friends and/or family members.

We’ve mentioned this before in our previous how-to articles—it actually is cheaper to buy items of all sorts (including fashion, beauty, home & living and more) and have your Boxers pack all in one box before shipping to you.

But another question that has been asked as of late is:

Which Currency Should You Pay in When ShopandBoxing?

If you usually always opt for your PayPal’s currency conversion rate (image below) so that you pay in your local currency at point of checkout, you ought to know that your card issuer’s conversion rate is usually more favourable. This means paying in your Boxer’s currency no matter how tempted you are to choose your own local currency using PayPal’s currency conversion rate.

Read on to find out how to save on ShopandBox orders when using PayPal. The following example is for a Shopper in Malaysia, but this applies whether you’re from Australia, Singapore or anywhere else in the world.

Image taken on 9/2/2017

As you can tell from the screenshot above, MYR1 = USD0.21. Google however, offers a slightly better rate below.


Image taken on 9/2/2017

Usually, Google’s currency conversion rate is similar, if not slightly more favourable than credit card companies. But if you’d like to save more while ShopandBox-ing, remember to always opt for your credit card’s conversion rate (this means choosing to pay for your ShopandBox order in your Boxer’s currency). This makes a major difference in the amount you have to fork for your order.


For example, let’s say you are ShopandBoxing a PlayStation 4 console bundle at the price of USD1,045 including PayPal fees. If you opt for PayPal’s conversion rate, you’d have to pay MYR4,976. But if you opt for your card issuer’s rate, MYR4,543 is the amount you will need to pay.

There is a price disparity of MYR433 which you can actually save if you opt for the card issuer’s rate.

And in case you’re wondering if it was cheaper to ShopandBox items directly from brands’ websites overseas, you’d be surprised to know that ShopandBox is still the more affordable option. Head to the “Shipping” section in our blog to find out more on how you can save on shipping and more.

For a quick tip or two, our #ShopandWeigh posts on Instagram will prove to you that it is actually cheaper to ShopandBox and consolidate from our Boxer countries.

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