Is it cheaper to ShopandBox or ship directly from a USA-based site? – Part II

Before we start on the second part of our two-part #ShopandWeigh guide, get a lowdown on how much you can save on shipping by using ShopandBox in our first article. You’d be surprised to find out that consolidating your shipment makes a huge difference on the cost of your international shipping fees!

But this time around, we explore shopping from sites that do offer international shipping – but with price disparities based on geographical locations that might affect the total cost of your items.

Scenario 1: Madewell’s prices for a turtleneck and dress across USA and Singapore


Pricing if you were in the USA


Pricing if you were in Singapore

In the above screenshots, the striped turtleneck on the left will cost you USD52 if you shipped it to an address in USA. But if you reside in Singapore, the same turtleneck will set you back at USD61 (SGD84) instead. The dress also costs USD178 instead of USD150 (SGD242) if you were shipping it to Singapore!

In a nutshell, here’s how much you can save for both items:




Scenario 2: Nordstrom’s prices for 3 items across USA and Malaysia

Pricing if you were in the USA

Pricing if you were in Malaysia

On Nordstrom too, prices vary if you were to ship it to a USA address vs. a Malaysian address.




Scenario 3: Tommy Hilfiger’s prices for a sweater, jeans and sneakers across USA and the UK

Pricing if you were in the USA
Tommy Hilfiger Comparison 2

Pricing if you were in the UK – Sweater


Pricing if you were in the UK – Denim Sailor Pant


Pricing if you were in the UK – Slip on Sneaker

If you’re a UK-based shopper and planning to get the latest Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid collection, take a look at the price comparisons for this ensemble that includes a sweater, a pair of jeans and slip-on sneakers:


As you can tell from the above visuals, you can save a lot more by ShopandBox-ing these popular American brands from USA with the help of our Boxers. As these sites charge differently according to your location, why not opt to have our US based Boxers send it to you directly?

Better yet, imagine ShopandBox-ing across all three sites for a range of apparel – by using our service, you can save on base prices along with the cost of international shipping. If you’ve read our first article on saving on shipping fees, you’d notice that there’s no need to fork out extra money on three separate international shipping charges as well! Your shipment will land on your doorstep in 1-3 days after your Boxer ships off your package – plus you can toss in beauty products if you’re interested as well, without paying excessively for shipping all over again.

For more deets, read our FAQ page or leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions at all!

*All prices accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 20/09/2016. Please note Paypal fees, customs and duties are not reflected above and subject to each individual’s country laws.

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