3 Seriously Cool Smart Running Shoes For The Avid Runner

smart running shoes

When it comes to tracking your fitness levels, we have seen wearables of all sorts available in the market for your workout session. Whether fitness wristbands, smartwatches, chest monitors, ankle bands and the like, there’s sensors for almost every part of your body these days. While we’re all for armbands over head sweatbands (too much of a retro vibe going there), let’s admit that not every fitness tracker is a foolproof must-have. But for today, the spotlight is on a relatively new wearable in the market: Smart running shoes.

Imagine shoes that you can run in that can track your every move and detail. Gadgets that are pretty much connecting you from the moment you put them on, till when you’re done with your 5k round the neighbourhood. If that sounds like something you’d want to try out, scroll down to find out three options you can score now:

Under Armour UA HOVR Sonic Connected

smart running shoes

UA HOVR Sonic ConnectedUnder Armour, USD110, + Add To Wishlist: Under Armour’s first ever smart running shoes have a UA Record Sensor technology that tracks, analyses and stores every running metric to improve your performance after each run. Made with compression mesh “Energy Web” and UA HOVR foam, the shoes give you a zero gravity feel as you run to minimise impact with every step you take. Not to mention, it has a ventilated midfoot panel for better breathability, an external TPU heel counter for support and structure, along with a removable Ortholite sockliner for customised comfort and cushion. The sensor is actually secured in watertight casing within the midsole so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet or damaged as you run.


Sensoria Smart Running Shoe

smart running shoes

Smart Running Shoe, Sensoria, USD149, + Add To Wishlist: Sensoria’s running shoe is equipped with a whole unch of sensors and an electronic device to help monitor every data you need to become a better runner. Serving almost like an artificial intelligence coach, it even provides you real-time audio and visual feedback during your run via an app. A few of the features include monitoring your pace, speed, ascent/descent, cadence, contact time, foot-landing technique and impact. Fret not if your shoes are worn out — all you have to do is reuse the Sensoria Core ultra-light, ultra-low power sensor and embed it within another pair to continuously track your metrics.


Altra Running IQ Shoe

smart running shoes

IQ Shoe, Altra Running, USD220, + Add To Wishlist: Altra’s IQ has full-length sensors that run the length of each shoe to give you the best live foot strike metrics that every runner needs. Whether you’re tracking longer distances or trying to become more efficient, this shoe’s definitely made for you. A few of its features include the Live Landing Zone feedback to check out your stride and form over the course of your run; the live cadence tracking to find out your efficiency; and you can even find out your Ground Contact Time to acquire the best stride for your body geometry. This one is definitely made for the pro runner who wants up his/her running game without breaking the bank.

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