The 12 Best Korean Snacks You Need To Try

When it comes to Korean snacks, keeping up with the latest trends is almost as important as knowing which boyband is in vogue at the moment. Here are some new food finds and old favourites that you can add to your pantry this year. Good news to our Shoppers who are on a healthy bandwagon this year: Most of these picks will not mess up your New Year’s clean-eating resolution!

Food-themed blending tea packs

Food-themed blending tea set (8 tea bags)Hit The Tea, KRW13,000, + Add To Wishlist: Up your tea drinking game with these flavoured teas that are jam-packed with exciting flavours and great packaging to boot. This tea set comes with 4 of their best selling flavours which is great if you are looking to sample all their blended teas. If you are looking for another tea option, consider Jeju Carrot Cake Tea that would pair well with a slice of carrot cake.

Cold green tea sticks

Cold green tea sticksOsulloc, KRW7,500, + Add To Wishlist: My cousin has been drinking a huge bottle of this green tea everyday for about two years now and it’s the only souvenir she requests from Korea. What’s great about this is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is place the stick directly in cold water or room temperature water. If staying hydrated is on your resolution list this year, this is a nifty way to make your H2O-chugging more exciting. Sweeten your drink with a spoon of honey or add a few slices of lime or lemon for a refreshing drink.

Fritz Drip Bag

Fritz Drip BagFritz, KRW11,000, + Add To Wishlist: Fritz is a local roastery and coffee shop here in Seoul that serves some of the finest coffee and bread in the city. If you are looking for coffee beans, you can consider their offerings like Seoul Cinema or a drip bag which is handy for a quick caffeine fix. Bonus: We love their packaging too.

Kanu Latte

Kanu Latte (30 sticks)Maxim, KRW10,900, + Add To Wishlist: Kanu is my personal go-to brand for instant black (dark roast) coffee. Their new latte line that was introduced last year garnered even more attention from the latte-drinking community. Those who enjoy a milky and creamy cup of latte, this one is highly recommended. Their Korean coffee sticks are pretty small in portion and I would suggest using 2 sticks if you are drinking from a regular sized cup.

Roasted Tea Spread

Roasted Tea SpreadOsulloc, KRW8,500, + Add To Wishlist: I’m still not over this green tea spread from Osulloc and I’m certainly not alone as doughnut giant Krispy Kreme is still incorporating its Osulloc green tea doughnut on their menu this year. Anyway, if you aren’t a matcha fan, fret not—they now have Roasted Tea Milk Spread that’s equally as sumptuous.

Almond Butter Original

Almond Butter OriginalNilk Factory, KRW15,000, + Add To Wishlist: If you are an almond/nut fan in general, you should certainly add this into your wishlist. This Almond Butter Spread is made locally from 100% premium almonds and 100% date syrup — all manufactured in small batches. You can have it as a dipping sauce for celery sticks and cucumbers or use it as a topping on breads and pastries.

Spicy dried squid

Spicy dried squid (40g)Samyang, KRW3,500, + Add To Wishlist: The infamous spicy instant noodle is now available in the form of a spicy dried squid snack. Have it on its own or dip it in chilli sauce and mayo for extra spicy kick.

Laver Almond

Laver AlmondToms Farm, KRW5,860, + Add To Wishlist: Flavoured almonds are the most widely-available snacks in the Korean market today, and this brand might be familiar to you thanks to their Honey Butter Almonds. For a savoury twist, try the salty seaweed almonds that pack a punch in every bite.

Watermelon Choco Pie

Watermelon Choco PieDREAMSTOY FnB, KRW3,500, + Add To Wishlist: While the original chocolate version is popular for good reason, this new choco pie flavor is definitely a fresh take on a Korean classic. It makes for a great food souvenir as well as it is relatively new in the market.

Yogurt flavoured Pringles

Yogurt flavoured PringlesPringles, KRW2,700, + Add To Wishlist: Yogurt flavored food items have been on the radar since 2017 and Pringles has jumped on the yogurt-wagon with its new flavour. It’s definitely a hit with kids thanks to its sweet aftertaste.

Pickled garlic leaves

Image credit : theheyheyhey

Pickled garlic leavesHomeplus, KRW3,990, + Add To Wishlist: I was first introduced to pickled garlic leaves at a BBQ joint and it was life changing, in short. I’ll usually get a jar of this for days when I’m hosting a BBQ get-together at home as it pairs so well with meat. To all the pickle lovers out there, this is how you up your BBQ game.

Red bean instant noodles

Image credit : rynkwon

Red bean instant noodlesOttogi, KRW4,980, + Add To Wishlist: Koreans in general are fond of red bean and this instant noodle flavour is testament to that. The cooking method is the same as other regular instant noodles: All you have to do is boil the noodles, pour the packet of seasoning (which is the red bean paste) in, and watch it thicken. Salt or sugar is optional but the locals usually add both to enhance the flavour.


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