8 Storage Ideas That Will Blend In With Your Home’s Stylish Interior

storage ideas home

Here’s a foolproof trick to making your home look more spacious than it really is: Maximise your storage space. A common misconception is the need for expensive, minimalistic furniture and accessories to score a spacious look. But it turns out that you only really need is a handful of smart organisers, and handy means of storage to ensure a clutter-free, cleaner space.

A simple Google search on storage hacks might result in tonnes of Pinterest ideas and #homeinspo shots on modular spaces. If you’re worried about the DIY part—read: actually finding these storage boxes and baskets etc—fret not! For we have eight accessories that will be useful in decluttering your living quarters.

But first, here’s a general idea of how you can KonMari your home in no time:

storage ideas home

Photo from The Yamazaki

When it comes to the living area, invest in nifty holders that you can keep your gadgets when not in use. Japanese brand Yamazaki offers convenient storage hooks and racks that are simple yet will fit wonderfully with a home with modern aesthetic. We like the Table & Remote Control Rack that sports a wooden finish, along with the cute Tosca Storage Box inspired by a handyman’s toolbox.

storage ideas home storage ideas home

Work stations are one of the most cluttered spaces at home—and we aren’t surprised why. After all, great ideas don’t come from thin air, more so from stacks of notebooks, loose papers, pens, and various writing instruments. Instead of typical mesh pencil cups, arrange your work space neatly with the help of desk organisers. Whether a chic gilded one to store pens and sticky notes, or a stackable version that you can keep inside drawers, there are countless options to choose from.

Photo from Pinterest

For the ladies who’ve got an extensive stash of makeup, you too can have a Pinterest-worthy vanity dresser. Place your trinkets in a chic gold-finish holders or quaint multi-tiered trays for a prettier (and neater) layout. Don’t forget to store your makeup brushes in a proper spot instead of chucking it with your other makeup products. We like this chic marble brush holder that would be a perfect addition for your IG flatlays.


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storage ideas home

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