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superfood latte

The latest drink that’s taking on Instagram by storm is none other than superfood latte. Back in 2016 when matcha latte kickstarted a major trend, this milky coffee drink is now adopting superfood ingredients in the form of turmeric, beetroot and even ginger.

But brands have gone one step further now with the advent of superfood latte blends. Add ’em to your breakfast smoothie bowl or even in no-bake protein balls for a healthy and decadent treat. Below, ShopandBox three brands from Australia, USA and UK that offers latte blends in resealable bags that you can add to your pantry:

Jomeis Fine Foods

superfood latte

Founded in 2002 by Vicki and Martin Nguyen, Jomeis Fine Foods first started out with Australia’s very first Sweet Balsamic reduction that can be used as a natural condiment. It was entirely different than the balsamic reductions available in the market at that time with its less sweet, more palatable flavour. Most recently, the duo jumped on the superfood latte bandwagon with a range of nutritional lattes. “We noticed in recent times many health food products appearing within mainstream categories such as cereals, snack foods, cold drinks and even chocolate, however, the hot beverage sector has been left behind and in our opinion with not a lot of innovation or alternatives that offer “free from”, a nutritional punch and a great taste all at the same time,” said Vicki.

From the anti-inflammatory turmeric to the refreshing minty cacao, ShopandBox our favourite flavours below:

superfood latte

  1. Turmeric Latte, Jomeis Fine Foods, AUD16.95, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Beetroot Latte, Jomeis Fine Foods, AUD16.95, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Minty Cacao Latte, Jomeis Fine Foods, AUD16.95, + Add To Wishlist



superfood latte

Started out as a tea bar in Washington state, Saku was successfully funded on Kickstarter before launching six superfood latte blends on its e-commerce store. What started out as a passion for teas resulted in a brand that offers an innovative collection of powdered wellness blends ​using nourishing, organic superfoods, and adaptogenic ingredients. Their blends are mouth-watering combinations of beneficial ingredients, including Ruby Ginger (beetroot, coconut milk, cinnamon, and ginger), Maca Cocoa Jade (tea, maca root, and cacao) and the nutty Vanilla Maple Jade (tea, coconut milk, maple sugar crystals, and vanilla).

ShopandBox our favourite blends below:

superfood latte

  1. Golden Chai Blend, Sakutea, USD17.95, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Ruby Ginger Blend, Sakutea, USD17.95, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Vanilla Maple Jade, Sakutea, USD21.95, + Add To Wishlist


Wunder Workshop

superfood latte

If you love turmeric, you’d like everything London-based functional food brand Wunder Workshop has to offer. The label incorporates organic turmeric that is ethically sourced from Sri Lankan small community farms in all its products. Plus, both co-founders Tom and Zoe come from backgrounds that are deeply rooted in health & nutrition. Apart from latte blends (including turmeric chai, cacao and the original flavour), Wunder Workshop also offers other turmeric wonder products such as turmeric oil, powder, honey and loose tea leaves.

Shop all turmeric latte blends from Wunder Workshop here:

superfood latte

  1. Instantly Golden Turmeric x Chai Latte, Wunder Workshop, GBP12.99, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Instantly Golden Turmeric x Cacao Latte, Wunder Workshop, GBP10.39, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Instantly Golden Turmeric Latte, Wunder Workshop, GBP10.39, + Add To Wishlist


Below, find out how you can incorporate latte blends into other foods such as this chocolate berry smoothie bowl, or make a good ol’ latte in the comfort of your kitchen with a simple guided tutorial:

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