10 Smart Travel Tech Gadgets to keep your luggage safe and make travel a breeze

Traveling abroad is all fun and games until your luggage gets delayed or miss the next leg of your long-haul red-eye flight. The trick is to pack smart, especially with your carry-on bag so that you’re well-prepped in the event of an unfortunate incident (read: lost luggage).

The importance of having a carry-on luggage replete with your essentials is often overlooked. Some find it troublesome, especially if there’s a lack of space to store it within the overhead cabin section. But to make your travel journey more pleasant and less of a pain, we’ve compiled 10 advanced gadgets designed to keep your luggage safe and make traveling a breeze. These smart travel tech gadgets are all about that seamless globe-trotting experience:

  1. ArmourcardArmourcard, USD49.95, + Add To Wishlist: There are smartphones and smart luggages, but have you heard of smart cards? Armourcard protects the RFID cards in your wallet/purse by creating an electronic force field with its micro-jamming technology. Its nifty size makes it a perfect fit alongside your credit cards!
  2. Luggage tagDynotag, USD17.95, + Add To Wishlist: Dynotag’s professionally designed tags help recover your belongings in case they are lost. It is entirely web-powered, which means that you (or anyone you choose) can view its private web page anywhere in the world. You don’t even need a smartphone. Made of steel, it is waterproof, impact-proof to prevent someone from trying to nick it or toss it out.
  3. iXpand USB 2.0 Flash Drive for iPhone/iPad – 16GBSanDisk, GBP44.99, + Add To Wishlist: In case you lose your smartphone, back up your data with a handy flash drive by Sandisk that’s made for iPhones and iPads. This means you can transfer your photos and videos easily from your phone to your laptop (and vice versa).
  4. My PassportWD, USD59.99, + Add To Wishlist: Traveling with your drive is a good idea to store files whenever the need to arises. Try WDC’s My Passport for its auto backup option and a built-in 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption to keep your content safe.
  5. ID Lock L fold WalletTumi, USD95, + Add To Wishlist: Keep your cash and credit cards in Tumi’s ID Lock wallet. It’s made from the brand’s signature FXT ballistic nylon with a leather trim and interior. Not to mention, the proprietary technology incorporated into the design helps protect your personal data encoded in your credits cards.
  6. Smart WalletWocket, USD179, + Add To Wishlist: Wocket’s Smart Wallet brings the term ‘smart’ to a whole new level. Replace your wallet with this hi-tech accessory—all you have to do is swipe your fav cards into Wocket for the information to be saved. It also protects your private information inside an electronic vault, and doesn’t require an app to be accessed.
  7. Bluesmart One suitcase, BlueSmart, CAD375, + Add To Wishlist: This smart suitcase actually does what it claims: to give a fuss-free travel adventure. It has a built-in 3G+GPS location tracker in case you need to track your luggage, and a supercharger to charge all your devices on-the-go. Plus, its TSA-Approved technology ensures that your suitcase stays lock/unlocked according to your preference.
  8. Pro Anti-Theft BackpackClickPack, USD198, + Add To Wishlist: Horror stories of travelers’ backpacks getting knifed and robbed are terrifying to say the least. Keep your essentials safe in ClickPack’s backpack that has three anti-theft features. This includes a retractable metal wire lock, a double layer explosion-proof zipper and RFID protection. The best part? Its exterior is slash-resistant, while the entire bag offers shock-proof protection.
  9. Flexsafe Travel Safe, AquaVault, USD59.95, + Add To Wishlist: Another slash-proof bag is AquaVault’s lightweight FlexSafe. It can be rolled up to the size of a softball for easy packing, is flexible and water-resistant as well.
  10. Space-saving Portable Vacuum DeviceWacu, USD57.49, + Add To Wishlist: Those who utilise plenty of vacuum-packed bags when they’re traveling would love the Wacu—a little portable vacuum device you can take everywhere with you. All you gotta do is plug it in and connect to your space-saving bags.

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