12 Tech Gadgets You Need For The New Year


Make your life that much easier with these 12 relatively new tech gadgets that will blow your mind. Whether a toothbrush that offers just the right amount of sonic pulsations to a weighing scale that’s almost a personal coach, these tech gadgets might just improve your quality of life. ShopandBox them now with the help of our Boxers!

Withings/Nokia Body+ Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale

tech gadgets 2019

Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital ScaleWithings/Nokia Body+, USD99.95, + Add To Wishlist: This weighing scale from Nokia/Withings is revolutionising the way you monitor your weight — and more! It offers a full body composition analysis (we’re talking water, muscle and bone mass along with body fat percentage). If you need to watch your dietary intake, use this scale to set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget. Talk about a personal diet coach that won’t break your bank.


Casio Protrek f20

tech gadgets 2019

Protrek F30Casio, USD399, + Add To Wishlist: Outdoor lovers and adventure takers, Casio’s latest activity watch is right up your alley. Equipped with both a monochrome and colour display, this watch allows you to plan activities on a map, check your current location, and also displays atmospheric pressure/altitude and compass bearing. The great thing about it is that you can continue with your outdoor activities at a glance while conserving energy.


Nimble Wireless Stand

tech gadgets 2019

Wireless StandNimble, USD49.95, + Add To Wishlist: Charge your phone effortlessly with this wireless stand from Nimble, made for iPhones, Samsung phones and other wireless-charging devices. It comes with a foldable stand and retractable shelf for you to charge your device upright or flat, and can be used to charge multiple devices at one go!


Sonos Amp

tech gadgets 2019

AmpSonos, USD599, + Add To Wishlist: Want an amplifier for high-fidelity performance and to power all your entertainment? Try Sonos’ Amp, the latest must-have for anyone who’s armed with an impressive home entertainment system. You can stream anything via Sonos app and AirPlay, alongside connecting your TV and powering your speakers easily.


Oculus Quest

tech gadgets 2019

QuestOculus, USD399, + Add To Wishlist: This is the system to own if you’re looking to up your game (no pun intended). Oculus has launched the world’s first all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. What this means is that you can play anywhere with merely a VR headset and controllers. Set up, suit up, and start making the world your arcade with this nifty three-part set.


Tile Pro

tech gadgets 2019

Tile ProTile, USD35, + Add To Wishlist: Those who are prone to losing their belongings will find the updated Tile Pro super useful. You can now find your missing keys, phone, and even bag over Bluetooth — just head online to check the map for more information. The best part? Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring even when it’s on silent.


Sony WH1000xmx3 Headphones

tech gadgets 2019

WH1000xmx3 HeadphonesSony, USD349.99, + Add To Wishlist: Sony’s latest wireless headphones has been making headlines for good reason. Its industry-leading noise canceling feature allows you to listen to music with complete ease — and at premium sound quality. Expect up to 30-hour battery life (quick charging, nonetheless) and a Quick Attention Mode to allow for conversations sans removing the headphones. What’s more impressive is the Touch Sensor controls to play, pause, control volume, and even activate your voice assistant/answer phone calls.


Fitbit Charge 3

tech gadgets 2019

Charge 3Fitbit, USD149.95, + Add To Wishlist: Fitbit’s most advanced tracker yet is a health assistant, fitness trainer, and sleep tracker all in one. The Charge 3 offers in-depth heart rate insights with sensors and algorithms, alongside all-day calorie burn to track your diet better. Other features include auto sleep tracking, female health tracking, and more.


Roomba i7+

tech gadgets 2019

i7+, Roomba, USD949.99, + Add To Wishlist: Customise how your house is cleaned with Roomba’s i7+, the robot vacuum that’s taking vacuuming to a whole new level. It has Imprint Smart Mapping technology to learn, map and adapt to your house, allowing you to control which rooms to clean and when. The vacuum also automatically empties dirt into an enclosed, disposable bag that holds 30 robot bins, so you don’t have to worry about vacuuming for weeks at a time.


Insta360 One X

tech gadgets 2019

One XInsta360, USD432, + Add To Wishlist: Insta360’s One X is so impressive, it’s making videographers and avid outdoor lovers want to snap it up. With FlowState Stabilization and 360-degree Capture, this action camera is almost like a drone, but without the hefty price tag. Rest assured that your footage will stay true to life/light with high dynamic range shooting.


Google Vision Kit AIY


Google Vision Kit AIY, Target, USD89.99, + Add To Wishlist: Google’s DIY project for STEM education is easy to procure, now available at Target. Kids and teens alike can build their own smart cams and learn about image recognition without burning a hole in the pocket. The Google Vision Kit AIY can instantly recognise 1,000 common projects and detect faces and emotions as well.


Quip Electric Toothbrush


Electric Starter Sets, Quip, USD25, + Add To Wishlist: Treat your teeth with TLC it deserves, such as using Quip’s next-level electric toothbrush. It has bristles with just the perfect amount of sonic vibrations and guiding pulses to help simplify better brushing. Waterproof and shower-safe, it comes with a travel cover and wireless suction holder for easy charging. You can also opt to have fresh brush head refills delivered every three months before your toothbrush head becomes unhygienic and incapable of cleaning.


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