Korean Skincare At Its Finest: The History of Whoo

From South Korea’s second largest cosmetic and healthcare producer comes a luxurious, fit-for-a-royal brand of cosmetics: The History of Whoo. Despite being around for the last ten years or so, this brand of cosmetics have been raved for their exclusivity along with their use of superior active ingredients.

As their background story goes, Whoo was created with the idea of reviving the Korean royal culture’s aesthetic through modern science and technology, with an emphasis that their products are akin to Oriental herbal medicine befitting for an Empress. Their range of products include:

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Gongjinhyang: the basic line that incorporates wild ginseng cordyceps and Gongjinbidan, a secret formula touted to be exclusive only to royals, and includes six categories: anti-aging, moisturizing (Soo), whitening (Seol), beauty (Mi), men’s skincare (Kun) and bath & body products.


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Hwanyu: their anti-aging line that contains wild ginseng cordyceps, deer antlers cordyceps, and the exceptionally rare snow lotus herb that has anti-aging properties.


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Bichup: the rejuvenating and regenerating range of products to help improve blood circulation and skin metabolism as well as reduce wrinkles.


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Jinyulhyang: targeted to customers aged 40 years old but also suitable for those younger/older as it helps for all skin types, main ingredients include red ginseng, jujube (Chinese dates) and pomegranate.


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Cheongidan: the premium line with multifunctional properties—anti-aging, hydrating and whitening. Ingredients include velvet deer antler extract, jade extract, gold and ginseng extracts along with more than 30 other herbal ingredients.

The History of Whoo is recommended for those with dull, dry skin regardless of age, and basically anybody who vouches for Korean skincare products with natural, herbal ingredients along with a penchant for strikingly ornamental packaging design. You gotta admit that these jars of anti-aging elixirs combine elegance and Asian style elements beautifully.

With the help of Boxer AliAesle, we’ve come up with 5 of the bestselling products that you Shoppers might like:

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1. Bichup Ja Saeng Essence+ Add To Wishlist

It’s said to have regenerative and moisturizing properties, reduce wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity and overall complexion.


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2. Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Cream+ Add To Wishlist

It leaves the skin dewy-like and soft—to yield best results be sure to massage this product into the skin in a gentle upwards motion.


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3. Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence+ Add To Wishlist

A highly concentrated herbal serum, this absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any tacky or thick residue while firming and smoothing the skin’s texture.


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4. Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening Compact+ Add To Wishlist

One of the bestsellers within the whitening range of makeup products, this compact powder is said to brighten and even out skin tones while protecting the skin against harmful UV rays.


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5. Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening & Moisture Cream+ Add To Wishlist

Whitening extracts in this product goes skin-deep and works wonders with other products in the Seol (whitening) line.

You can find out more about their products here on their website—scroll down to the bottom of the page and hover your mouse over the small “Global” link to change your language preferences. Be sure to ask your boxer to get these from Incheon Airport’s duty-free store as prices are more affordable there compared to retailers or even from the USA!

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    Hello, I received your In Yang Neck &Face Sleeping repair as a gift from a friend. I live in Chile and would like to know what day cream is good for me. I’m 65 years old, have enlarged pores and many wrinkles, due especially to too much sun exposure and stress.
    I also would like to know the prices and shipping costs.
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