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Did you know that the global market for wearables will grow at least 125% over the course of 2017? While wearing a fitness tracker is one of the many ways you can keep abreast of your fitness goals, there are many other tech must-haves out there in the market that will be a boon to your workout regime. Below, we compiled a list of all-new, ultra smart, gadgets that you can ShopandBox from USA that will enhance your sports performance like never before:


new health tech fitness

  1. Garmin Fenix 5, Garmin, USD599.99, + Add To Wishlist: Garmin’s latest multisport GPS watch can pretty much do everything you envision a wearable to do. Literally. Made for all-weather and all-terrain activities (read: those who love skiing, hiking, etc), the Fenix 5 has a whole slew of features to prep you for any expedition, from outdoor sensors such as a 3-axiscompass and gyroscope to a sleep monitor and even a V02 max counter.
  2. Motiv Ring, Motiv, USD199, + Add To Wishlist: This one’s for the sports junkie who likes to go against the grain. Instead of wearing a fitness band or smartwatch, try out this waterproof titanium ring that offers activity tracking, logging and editing. A full-battery charge that takes less than 90 minutes can give you 3-5 days of juice, depending on your use.

Audio gear:

new health tech

  1. Halo Sport System, Halo, USD749, + Add To Wishlist: Halo Sport is the only pair of headphones in the world that offers neurotechnology as part of its specs. It uses electrical stimulation to help improve the brain’s unique ability to tell your muscles to make the complex movements required. Find out more about the fascinating science behind it here.
  2. Bragi Dash Pro, Bragi, USD390, + Add To Wishlist: You can now stream and listen to music while embarking on high-intensity workouts without the fear of tangled wires. Its ergonomic design has Passive Noise Isolation, a 30-hour long battery life, and up to five hours of continuous playtime each time you charge.


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  1. Primeknit Parley Tee, Adidas, USD75, + Add To Wishlist: Keep your workout experience comfortable with Adidas’ Primeknit Parley Tee that has a near-seamless construction for minimal chafing. A fun fact is that its Primeknit wool is made from sustainable materials, including yarn made from reclaimed and recycled ocean trash—and offers all-season comfort along with odour resistance.
  2. SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Record-Equipped, UnderArmour, USD159.99, + Add To Wishlist: This award-winning pair of kicks is revolutionising the way you run with its technology. You can track, analyse, and store your running metrics so that you can improve your performance each time. Comfort-wise, special UA SpeedForm construction will mould to your feet for a precise fit.
  3. Men’s Full Body Kit, Athos, USD547, + Add To Wishlist: What’s better than a smart shirt? A full-body kit that’s digitally connected, of course. Compression shirt and shorts from Athos has sensors to deliver data to your mobile app via Bluetooth, including real-time biometric tracking of muscle activity, heart rate, active time vs rest time, and more. Not forgetting, its compression material has sweat-wicking tech for a complete workout experience.

Other tech you need:

new health tech

  1. Netatmo Home Coach, Netatmo, USD93.99, + Add To Wishlist: Keep your healthy lifestyle in check with this home coach that has four sensors to create the perfect environment within your living quarters—including air quality, noise, and temperature.
  2. Smart Cycling Helmet, Coros, USD199.99, + Add To Wishlist: Another smart gadget you need to have is this smart cycling helmet from Coros. Its technology turns audio into vibrations that go straight into your inner ear from the tabs of your helmet strap—how cool is that? It also has a handlebar mounted smart remote for a hands-free audio control while you’re cycling.
  3. Food Marble Aire, Food Marble, USD99, + Add To Wishlist: If a home coach isn’t impressive enough, this personal digestive tracker will guarantee that you’re eating well just via a breath test. After finding out how your gut responds to carbs, it will give you a custom diet while tracking your food intake, gas levels and more.


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