The Best traveling hacks from Korea for hassle-free packing

Let’s be real — the only headache you’d get before flying off for a vacay is the packing that would likely take the whole night of if you don’t know where to begin. If you have the tendency to overpack (10 shoes are seriously more than what you need for a weekend getaway), read on for useful items you need to get your travel bag in order.

For those who are checking travelling off list in the near future, here are some staple pieces that will ace your packing game come vacation day. From toiletry bags to pouches for pretty much everything you own, these are handy and stylish essentials from Korea which will keep you organized when you’re travelling:
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  1. Mouth Mask, Mascover, KRW11,800, + Add To Wishlist
    While you might already have an eye sleeping mask stashed in your bag, a mouth mask will come in handy up in the air. If you can’t help but sleep with your mouth open, this will keep you looking proper even if you snore the night away.
  2. Hello, I am UTILITY Organizer-10.1, Funnymade, KRW25,000, + Add To Wishlist
    Be it to keep your iPad or note pads, this slick organizer will complement your ensemble during business lunches and formal occasions.
  3. Half Color Toiletry Bag, Ithinkso, KRW29,000, + Add To Wishlist
    This is one roomy bag to store in your entire 10-step skincare routine’s products, including gadget cables and chargers. It’s available in beautiful colour options as well!
  4. Grand Shirts Pouch, Monopoly, KRW29,800, + Add To Wishlist
    Going on a business trip soon? This pouch keeps your shirts from creasing no matter how long it’s been stuffed inside your luggage.Hassle free Packing
  5. Compact Trunk, Ithinkso, KRW44,000, + Add To Wishlist
    A perfect carry-on bag that is compact yet practical, toss in your in-flight necessities for easy access.
  6. Foldable Duffel Bag, Travel Mate, KRW35,000, + Add To Wishlist
    To maximize your additional carry on shopping items, this foldable duffel bag is lightweight yet sturdy to keep your new hauls secure while you pass through the immigration.
  7. Shoes Pouch, 2NUL, KRW10,800, + Add To Wishlist
    What we love about this shoe pouch is a divider in the middle that prevents the top shoe base from touching the bottom pair.
  8. Double Zipper Wallet, Funnymade, KRW28,000, + Add To Wishlist
    This is one convenient wallet if you are hopping through different countries/currencies. You can place your money within both sides, plus the additional clear zipper space is great for your passport, handphone and coins.
  9. Divided Underwear Pouch, Monopoly, KRW19,800, + Add To Wishlist
    A dual compartment pouch for your underwear, socks; and it even teams up as a part toiletry carrier.
  10. Holiday Sun Clutch, Plepic, KRW38,500, + Add To Wishlist
    This mini clutch is able to store your sunglasses, coins, credit cards and cash. Definitely a chic accessory that you can use all year round.


Feature Pic Credit: Monopoly.

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