UK Blogger Spotlight: Zoella

Multi-award-winning English vlogger, YouTube and author Zoella is popular for good reason: her YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers who enjoy watching her Day in the Life videos, Beauty Hauls and Makeup Tutorials; she has amassed a following of 6.2million on Instagram and written a novel that was the fastest-selling novel in the year 2014; and also, she has launched a successful line of beauty products named Zoella Beauty.

At only 25 years old, it’s no wonder the young teens and tweens of the world tune in to what she has to say, and her cheery, wide-eyed personality makes it easy to be a fan as well.


Our Shoppers who are Zoella fans love to ShopandBox her beauty line, from the fun and flirty Tutti Fruity range to bath and body products and super cute guinea-pig-printed cosmetic bags. What’s even better is her Christmas range that has just been released: shimmer powders, coffret sets, lip balm duos and more that are packaged beautifully—the perfect Christmas gifts this season!

You can find out more about each product here in her video:

Here are a list of Shopper favourites that you can ShopandBox from the UK with the help of our Boxers:

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist, £9, + Add To Wishlist

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Zoella Beauty Guinea Pig Beauty Bag, £8, + Add To Wishlist

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Zoella Beauty Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream, £5, + Add To Wishlist

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Zoella Beauty Eyes Beauty Bag, £8, + Add To Wishlist

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Zoella So Cute Coffret Set, £12, + Add To Wishlist

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Get Started in less than 10 seconds:

  1. Simply click on the ”Add To Wishlist” links above!
  2. This will automatically add the items into your ShopandBox wishlist after it prompts you to sign in/sign up.
  3. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
  4. Once you’re ready, simply select the items you want bought, name your order, and hit the “Submit Order” button.
  5. You will be assigned a personal Boxer who will help you buy all your coveted items.
  6. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days* wherever you are in the world!

*if you opt for DHL Express

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