10 Unique Scandinavian Toys Your Kids Would Love

scandinavian toys

Did you know that apart from being breathtaking tourist attractions, Denmark and Sweden are also known for their burgeoning toy industries? After all, the famous The Lego Group was founded in Denmark and currently is based there as well.

Apart from the creative toy bricks, Scandinavian toys encompass a wide variety — and they vary slightly from the typical American- and British-made toys you’d find in departmental stores. From wooden animals to memory games, check out our list below that includes all sorts of toys your kid would be starry-eyed upon unboxing:

Bobles Car

scandinavian toys

Car – Purple, Bobles, DKK379, + Add To Wishlist: This isn’t your average mini Mercedes that your tot can go vroom around in. Bobles Car is made of foam and comprises two parts—the car and a detachable roller with four wheels. It’s much more than a car in that sense: Your kid can sit or lie on it with wheels on, or balance on it sans wheels as well.


Kop Kids Concept Funicular

scandinavian toys

Kids Concept Funicular, Kop, SEK129, + Add To Wishlist: Recommended for ages 12 months and up, this funicular is an interesting course that features two lanes and 17 wooden balls in a myriad of colours and sizes. Exercise your kid’s fine motor skills and coordination by moving the balls along the track, from one end to the other.


To Go Friend, Raffi

scandinavian toys

To Go Friend, Raffi, Done by Deer, DKK127.52, + Add To Wishlist: If your kid has troubles going to bed at night, this rattle plushie will likely save the day. Attach it to a pram, stroller or even an activity centre if need be. Better yet, let bub hug it to sleep at night—its cotton exterior will serve as a comfy bolster if necessary.


Offshore, Complete Set

scandinavian toys

Offshore, Complete Set, Permafrost, DKK733, + Add To Wishlist: Originally made in 2012 for an exhibition in Copenhagen, the Offshore set has also been presented in Washington D.C. and Faroe Islands in 2013 after popular request. Comprising of the Offshore Oil Rig, Oil Tanker and Helicopter, this set of wooden toys comes in multiple parts that your tot can piece together again.


Mammoth Pull Toy

scandinavian toys

Mammoth Pull ToyAhléns, SEK299, + Add To Wishlist: While this actually also looks good as a decorative element in your kids’ room, this mammoth pull toy is a great option for bub if he/she has just started to walk (or run, even!) This mammoth pull toy comes in a family of three.


Kay Bojesen Monkey

scandinavian toys

Kay Bojesen Monkey, Kay Bojesen, DKK899, + Add To Wishlist: Regarded as one of Denmark’s finest designers, Kay Bojesen’s Monkey is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) wooden toys from the country. Made entirely in Denmark and comprising 31 parts (a mixture of limba wood and sustainable teak), the Monkey’s “expression and personality” develop over time, as the shades of teak will change due to exposure to light and air.


Fly White Hedgehog Mobile

scandinavian toys

Fly White Hedgehog Mobile, Franck Fischer, DKK239.20, + Add To Wishlist: Made of 100% certified organic cotton, this hanging hedgehog toy can be hung above your baby’s bed, cot, playpen or changing table to keep him/her distracted while you’re changing nappies or even while you’re busy. Its filling is 100% corn fibre, while the ring is made of bamboo.


Edvin Box

scandinavian toys

Edvin Box, Ahléns, SEK249, + Add To Wishlist: Kickstart your child’s logical thinking and fine motor skills with Edvin box. It comes in soft pastel colours and animal motifs, plus it holds six bricks in different shapes and colours for your child to pick up and recognise the blocks easily.


Ammo Eames Memory Game

scandinavian toys

Eames Memory Game, Ammo, DKK94, + Add To Wishlist: Featuring the iconic designs of Charles and Ray Eames, this well-designed game can be played with kids of all ages along with adults as well. Mix and spread cards face down first. Players can take turns to flip any two cards up to try to match it—a good way to soak up some culture while jogging your memory.


Brio Classic Deluxe Set

scandinavian toys

Classic Deluxe SetBrio, SEK659, + Add To Wishlist: Stimulate your kids’ senses with this classic wooden train set from Brio. Featuring railway tracks that drive up the hill along with stops at a station, its wagons are connected to each other as well—allowing for a fun train adventure.


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