ShopandBox Global Shopping Redefined

How does ShopandBox work?

The possibilities are endless with ShopandBox but it is easy to get what you want in four steps:

1. Tell us what you want and where it is from
Found something that you want? An item description, a website or store will help us get the ball rolling. Create your wishlist now. Create your Wishlist / Order

2. A Boxer is assigned to shop for you
You can trust the local Boxers to find the best prices on the items you want before doing all the shopping for you. Check out Boxer profiles!

 3. Confirm your items and pay
Make your dreams come true! Put your Order through and off we go! Send Invoice 1 (actual cost of items) money to your Boxer who will then purchase your items to their place, alerting you once they’ve arrived with actual pictures of your stuff! Check your Order and pay

 4. Your box is delivered to you
Get all your items consolidated into one box with unnecessary packaging removed to save you on international shipping fees Select your preferred method of shipping, pay for Invoice 2 (Intl’ Shipping + Service Fee) and your box will be at your doorstep as quickly as 1-3 days via Express Global shipping! Sign in to view your orders tracking. Sign In to track your order

Start ShopandBoxing now!

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