ShopandBox Global Shopping Redefined

What countries do you ship to / from and how much will it cost?

ShopandBox has a shipping calculator to help you estimate your international shipping cost from multiple origination/destination countries. The shipping calculator is based on our partnership with DHL Express and a number of logistics companies to give you one of the most competitive rates in the market for popular shipping destinations. 

Here’s how to use the shipping calculator:

  1. Select a country you would like to buy from in From Country

  2. Select a country you would like to ship to in To Country

  3. Select Kilogram/Centimetre (Metric) or Pounds/Inches (Imperial)

  4. Enter the Destination Zipcode you would like to send the order to

  5. Enter the Weight (either in kilograms or in pounds)

  6. Enter the Dimensions* in width x height x depth

  7. Click on Calculate

Dimensions are used to calculate volumetric weight for bulky items – it is a standard procedure for logistics companies to charge the higher between volumetric weight and gross weight.

For example, volumetric weight is used for items such as pillows or surfboards – which are generally bulky but usually lighter in weight. Whereas gross weight is used for items such as books or vitamins – which take less space but are generally quite heavy.

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