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How long will it take my Order to arrive?

The time it takes for your Order to arrive defers according to the shipping option you have selected. The shipping timeline is dictated by the logistics company and starts from when your Boxer places an order for you.

There are two stages to the order and as a guide, each stage takes the following timeframe:

  • Stage 1: from when a Boxer orders the items to when it arrives to their place, it takes an average of 1-10 days.
  • Stage 2: from when an order leaves a Boxer to be shipped to a Shopper takes an average of 1-14 days depending on the international shipping option.


Keep in mind that your assigned Boxer have their own personal schedules and are in a different time zone to yourself. There may be cases where some products take a while to arrive at your assigned Boxer’s location and this is outside the control of your Boxer.

Handy Tip: Make sure to communicate with your assigned Boxer and let them know ahead of time if your Order is urgent and work on a schedule with them.

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