3 Superfoods Flying off the Shelves

Move over quinoa and kale – we’ve got three new contenders in the field of superfoods. If you’ve always kept an eye out for new superfoods in the market that might just blow up like kale chips and chia seed puddings, you might want to start ShopandBoxing these new potential ingredients that work wonders for your health. From a nut that sounds scary but looks like a popcorn to the new power-packed version of quinoa, here’s  a list of must-have superfoods that you can ShopandBox from the USA-based stores such as Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Wild Mountain Paleo:



Despite its name, the tigernut isn’t technically a nut. It’s actually a tuber (same family as the potatoes if you’re not sure), and was even consumed by Egyptians centuries ago for its healing and regenerative properties. Tigernuts actually were part of diets of cavemen more than two million years ago, with origins from Africa and Spain. Tigernuts have a wealth of benefits, and ancient Egyptians reportedly were buried with this superfood – which is a big feat seeing that only their most valuable possessions go the grave with them. Packed with a chockfull of prebiotic fiber, you only need a single ounce of Tigernuts to fulfill 40% of your daily recommended fiber. Its nutty and slightly sweet, gritty texture – proven by The Huffington Post who actually taste-tested all the Tigernuts they could source. But if you’re interested in incorporating them in your desserts, try out these recipes from Food52.

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The next on our list of superfoods is the gluten-free supergrain that will make those with celiac disease rejoice. Kaniwa is another type of South American quinoa that’s also packs a punch. It’s a great source of iron, protein, antioxidants and dietary fiber – plus it actually has more nutrients than your regular quinoa. The beauty about kaniwa is that it doesn’t have bitter saponins, which means you don’t have to rinse it like quinoa prior to cooking. You can even cook kaniwa in quinoa together for a fluffy yet crunchy bite, and you might actually like its mild, nutty and sweet flavour. Check out how nutrition specialist Cathy Wong incorporates kaniwa in her salads and breakfast porridge here.

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Maca Powder


Another South American superfood that is popular with Paleo diets and fitness junkies, maca is a root found in Peru that has a long list of medicinal benefits. Once harvested and grounded, you can usually find maca in powder form. It is packed with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that you need for a complete sense of well-being. Maca powder actually helps with increased fertility and hormonal balance as well. Athletes take maca to boost their energy levels, and it reportedly has healing properties too – talk about a seriously miraculous superfood. Blend it in your usual protein smoothie post workout, or use it in homemade ice cream and no-bake pies, as demonstrated by wonder-cook Paleo Mama here.

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