The 30 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Your Guy

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him featured

Stuck in a quandary while gift-shopping for your guy? If you intend to spoil him this Valentine’s Day, our super comprehensive gift guide will help you out in no time. We quite literally covered everything in this list, from smartwatches, personal home assistants, VR gear, to bike accessories, cameras and smartpens. Here is how you can ensure your guy smiles from ear to ear this Feb 14th:

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  1. Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit, USD199.5, + Add To Wishlist:
    This sleek smartwatch is a personal fitness coach that measures heart rate, tracks food intake, and helps to achieve training, sleep and fitness goals in one. It also syncs to a smartphone to display caller ID, text messages and control music via your mobile playlist.
  2. M-1, Earin, USD199, + Add To Wishlist:
    Wireless audio hardware gets a chic reboot with Earin’s earbuds, made from a single block of aluminium and designed to fit into your pocket easily. The Earin app allows you to control the bass, volume, and check battery levels as well.
  3. GPS Bike ComputerElemnt, USD329.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    For the cycling enthusiasts, this bike computer pairs easily with cycling sensors and comes with an app for you to track your performance, customise profiles, and share ride data easily.
  4. Surround WifiLuma, USD399, + Add To Wishlist:
    If your guy’s pet peeve is wifi dead zones in your abode, make his surfing a tad bit breezier with this home wifi system to expand WiFi coverage to your entire home, no matter how many walls or stories you have.
  5. Echo DotAmazon, USD49.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    This is the electronic personal assistant to have at home. The Echo Dot allows you to control pretty much everything (from lights and fans to smart home devices), and it has an in-built speaker that works as an alarm clock as well.
  6. Playstation VR, Sony, USD399.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    One for the gamers, Sony’s Playstation VR’s 5.7-inch OLED 1080p display gives a field of view of about 100 degrees, and plus you can actually tell sounds from above, below and around you with its 3D Audio Technology. Read more about it in our price comparison.
  7. P7 Wireless HeadphonesBowers & Wilkins, USD399.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    B&W’s P7 offers a whopping 17 hours of listening, and features an advanced folding mechanism. Crafted from aluminium and sheepskin leather, it looks and sounds good to boot.
  8. A7R-II, Sony, USD2,898, + Add To Wishlist:
    For your #InstaHusband, Sony’s A7R-II’s specs include: world’s first back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor, 5-axis in-body image stabilization optimized for 42.4MP full-frame, and 4K movie recording with full pixel readout.
  9. Roll 2 Atmosphere Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker, UE, USD95.71, + Add To Wishlist:
    The UE Roll 2 is easy to transport and is hardy as well. Made from stretchy, marine-grade bungee, it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter, plus is super light to carry around.
  10. Diana Classic Instant CameraLomography, USD139.5, + Add To Wishlist:
    Your photographer boyfriend would love the Diana F+ for its soft-focused snaps that has a dreamy aesthetic to it, not to mention the mandatory vignettes on the edges—all on instant film.
  11. HiRise for iPhone, Twelve South, USD20, + Add To Wishlist:
    A charger has never looked this good. The HiRise is a metal pedestal charger for your Apple devices, making it a convenient accessory for hands-free calls and even eye-level FaceTime sessions.
  12. Charging Key for iPhone/Android, Nomad, USD19.95, + Add To Wishlist:
    If he isn’t a fan of carrying power banks around in his jeans pocket, this Nomad Key is a minimalist charging cable that allows him to charge his phone on the go. The best part is that it is shaped like a key and fits easily on a keychain.
  13. G900 Chaos Spectrum, Logitech, USD124.54, + Add To Wishlist:
    Gamer guys would love this wireless gaming mouse that boasts “ultra-quick responsiveness that’s virtually lag-free” be it wired or wireless. Its PMW3366 optical sensor with exclusive clock tuning technology is able to interpret every hand movement onto the screen with excellent accuracy and consistent responsiveness.
  14. CL60647 Con Sleeve with Tensaerlite, Incase, USD43.7, + Add To Wishlist:
    Not one who fancies hi-tech gadgets? Get this sleek and sturdy laptop sleeve that’s made from Tensaerlite, equipped with a lightweight bumper frame and magnetic snap closure.
  15. 2GB Echo Smartpen, Livescribe, USD129.95, + Add To Wishlist:
    Smartpens are handy to have if you need to record everything you write and hear. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen allows you to save notes and recordings, along with sending and sharing it via email.V-day gifts for Your Guy 1
  16. Device Holder, Abovetek, USD39, + Add To Wishlist:
    This aesthetically pleasing holder makes it so much easy to surf the net and even watch a movie by the bedside table, office table and anywhere else at home. It is 360-degree rotable and is adjustable to the right level/position.
  17. Stick and Shoot Camera, Podo+ Add To Wishlist:
    The Podo is a fun-sized Bluetooth camera that you can stick on any surface with its sticky pad. You can capture photos, videos and timelapse while checking it out on your phone.
  18. Marble Dock for Apple Watch, Native Union, USD119.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    This one’s for the guy who has an eye for style. Dock is the world’s first marble charging dock for both your Apple watch. It has a brushed metal rotating arm that allows you to use the watch as you charge.
  19. GoPro Hero5, GoPro, USD399.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    The GoPro Hero5 is a must-have for photography professionals for its 2″ colour touch-screen LCD display, high-quality 4K video and 12MP photo captures, along with an electronic image stabilizer to steady action shots.
  20. goTenna Mesh, goTenna, USD149, + Add To Wishlist:
    For the avid hiker who loves getting lost in the woods, the goTenna mesh is a 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range and consumer-ready mesh network that allows you to text and share GPS locations on detailed offline maps for free.
  21. Olfactory Alarm ClockSensorwake, USD109, + Add To Wishlist:
    Who wouldn’t like waking up to the smell of croissants? Ensure he wakes up every morning feeling peachy with this olfactory alarm clock that emits scents such as espresso, chocolate, grass, seaside and more.
  22. Stainless Steel Watch with Black Suture Leather StrapHuawei, USD294.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    This is perhaps the most underrated smartwatch in the market right now. The Huawei smartwatch is compatible with most devices and has fitness tracking abilities, alongside more than 4000 Android Wear apps to choose from.
  23. Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon, USD119.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a no-brainer if your beau is a bookworm. Its built-in front light ensures his eyes aren’t strained from long hours of reading, plus it gives him access to millions of books, from best sellers to newspapers.
  24. Custom Controllers for Xbox, The Controller Shop, USD149.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    It doesn’t get better than personalised Xbox controllers. Offer him a unique gaming experience by customising colour preferences of his controller, whether he uses an Xbox Elite, Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Xbox 360.
  25. Slim Charging Wallet, Nomad, USD99.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    This charging wallet has less bulk than a power bank, but looks way chicer in the form of a leather wallet that’s thin enough to fit inside a pocket.
  26. Canary Flex Security Camera, Canary, USD199, + Add To Wishlist:
    Just moved into your new abode? Gift him with this security cam that’s smart enough to protect your home. Its features include one-touch access to first responders, bank-level encryption, HD video and night vision, and intelligent notifications.
  27. Smart Writing Set, Moleskine, USD199, + Add To Wishlist:
    This set comprises the Moleskine Paper Tablet, Pen+ and companion app—all perfect for the design-savvy creative. The Pen+ recognises it to capture each pen stroke and transfer it from page to screen in real time.
  28. Google Home, Google, USD129, + Add To Wishlist:
    Find out the weather, flight information, latest on traffic and more with Google Home, your personal assistant that manages your tasks for you while answering all the important (or not) questions you have.
  29. Oculus Touch, Oculus, USD199.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    Take VR to the next level with Oculus Touch. It gives you hand presence for a more realistic and memorable experience, while constellation tracking lets you manipulate objects with extraordinary precision.
  30. Nintendo Classic Edition Console, Nintendo, USD179.99, + Add To Wishlist:
    Bring him a blast from the past with the NES Classic Edition that sports the original look and feel of the groundbreaking original, only smaller, sleeker, and pre-loaded with 30 games.


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