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It is springtime season in Japan once again, and for those who love flowers, fret not if you aren’t around to sport the first bloom of the year. But cherry blossom (or sakura as it is known) is more than just a pretty flower. Researchers have found that sakura has anti-inflammatory properties that would be a boon in cosmetics, especially skincare. This means that you don’t have to worry too much over skin damages including uneven skintone, redness, and dry skin. With the help of Boxer Jennifer from Japan, we managed to source a handful of sakura-infused beauty products that you can stock up in your vanity case for its multifunctional properties, be it gold soap cleansing bars or oil blotting papers

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Sakura Beauty

  1. Gold Sakura JC Soap, June Bride, JPY6,480, + Add To Wishlist: This anti-ageing cleansing bar boasts a combination of ingredients to rewind the symptoms of time on your face, including gold cherry blossoms extract from Kagawa prefecture, Uji tea from Kyoto, and Izumo spring water.
  2. Gold Sakura JC EssenceJune Bride, JPY12,960, + Add To Wishlist: After cleansing your face with the soap bar above, apply a thin layer of essence with the same active ingredients for renewed skin that looks energised and radiant.
  3. Gold Sakura MoisturiserJune Bride, JPY6,480, + Add To Wishlist: But don’t forget to moisturise at all times. Slap on some of these gold sakura moisturiser to preserve your complexion whether indoors or outdoors.
  4. Sakura Kaoru Aroma Bath SetHouse of Rose, JPY540, + Add To Wishlist: Lovers of anything sakura would love this bath set—its bath soap comes in an adorable shape and colour of a sakura! Sakura leaf and flower extracts that are formulated to leave a fresh and smooth feeling on your skin.
  5. Sakura Kaoru Aroma Body CreamHouse of Rose, JPY1,620, + Add To Wishlist: Once you’re out of the bath, slather on some body cream in the same fresh floral scent—your skin now smells as decadent as it feels.
  6. Hello Kitty Sakura MaskAmazon, JPY864, + Add To Wishlist: Soaked in many beauty serums such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, this Hello Kitty face pack will ensure that your skin is moisturised to a tee. Plus, how cute is that Hello Kitty face?
  7. Sakura Oil Blotting PaperShiseido, JPY432, + Add To Wishlist: In case you need to refill your blotting papers, get your hands on these cherry blossom-scented papers that come at a super affordable price tag for its quality.
  8. Airy Tint Watery CC CreamJill Stuart, JPY3,200, + Add To Wishlist: While we marvel at the delicate pink hue of cherry blossoms, you too can channel a beautiful flush that’s flawless and translucent with Jill Stuart’s CC cream, made of a formula from textured oils, moisturising agents, cherry blossom extract, evening primrose extract and hyaluronic acid—all perfect for moisturising your skin while covering pores and correcting any patches.

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