These are the 20 Biggest Items We’ve Ever Shipped

Ever wondered what type of items our Shoppers love to ShopandBox? Apart from smaller sized items such as makeup, there are a handful of products that are bigger in size and weight. If you’d always thought that larger items such as surfboards and kitchen appliances can’t be shipped over to the country of your residence, here’s where we’ll prove you wrong.

From pilates machines to pet wagons, you’d never guess what’s in our list of the 20 biggest items we’ve shipped across the world.





1. 7S Slipstream Surfboard, AUD645

2. Jones Mountain – Twin Snowboard, USD479

3. Allegro Reformer, USD295




1. Petsfit outdoor cat house, USD99.99

2. Large Keeper Cage 2-Pack, USD238

3. Pet trailer, USD169

4. Martha Stewart Pets® Pet Halloween Pumpkin Dome Dog Bed, USD27.99




1. Lifestyle Dream Kitchen, USD131.99

2. Recaro Young Sport Hero, GBP169

3. KeenzWagon, USD279

4. Morbido Baby Bumper Bed (2IN1 Bed), USD202.18




1. Duo Tex DT-3300 Chair, USD210.25

2. Wasabi Mango Zen U430 i20, USD338.1

3. Dyson Animal, GBP249.98

4. Corby trouser press, GBP159

5. Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare, USD89.99

6. Weber Grill Q3200, USD399

7. Philips GC8616/30 PerfectCare Aqua Pressurised Steam Generator Iron, GBP119.99

8. FloTool 11930MI Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks, Set of 2, USD5.67



As you can tell from above, the list includes an all-encompassing variety of items, and the trick to saving on international shipping fees is to make your money’s worth on extra items you can ShopandBox just to fill up the volumetric weight.

Take a look at how much it costs to ship these two items (a TV and dog bed) from South Korea and USA respectively to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.



It’s important to take note that the TV’s actual weight is only 10kg, and the volumetric weight is 24.5kg. The volumetric weight is basically how dense the TV is, which takes into account the length, width, and height of the TV. In this case, you’ll need to pay for shipping a package that weighs 24.5kg, although your TV only takes up 10.5kg of that said weight. In a nutshell, you have an extra 14kg to fill up! You can toss in additional lipsticks, Korean skincare products, fashion apparel, and more without paying for extra shipping fees.



For this utterly cute pumpkin-shaped dog bed, it only weights 1.28kg, but with its sizeable dimensions of 40cm x 32cm x 27cm, you’ll be forking out shipping fees for its volumetric weight that is 7.5kg. Like the TV set above, you can chuck in an extra 6kg worth of items at no extra shipping cost. Take your pick from limited edition beauty products, customisable shoes or snacks that are only available in USA!

If you want to learn more about how you can save on shipping with ShopandBox, check out our two-part shipping guide here: Part I and II.


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