5 Adorable Kids Home Accessories and Furniture Brands from Australia

Kids and baby furniture has since hopped on the interior design trendwagon with simple, stylish, and functional pieces. Design fiends and trend forcasters swear by boho-inspired décor, handmade wooden accents, and modern minimalist aesthetics to make nap and playtime extra fun.

From urbane yet whimsical kid’s furniture pieces to chic yet comfy bedding and playmats, these 5 Aussie brands make it easy to create a stylish and comfy living space, nursery, or kid’s room.

So if you’re a design-savvy parent on a mission to find über cool and creative kid’s and nursery room décor, our team of Australian Boxers are keen to help you amp up your little’s ones dwelling spaces.

Mister Fly

Image source Liss and Arlo

With modish prints and gender neutral palettes, Mister Fly’s range of baby accessories and decor is a perfect fit in any minimalist living space. Made from the softest jersey fabric, their line of über cute Animal play mats, snuggle-worthy Everything blankets, and series of soft toys are ideal for newborns and crawling tots.

  1. Cactus Printed Toy Bag, Mister Fly, AUD69.95, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Bunny Play Mat, Mister Fly, AUD99.95, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Lion Cushion, Mister Fly, AUD44.95, + Add to Wishlist

Lilah & Co.

Image source Lilah & Co.

We love Lilah & Co. for its modern-chic yet practical handmade nursery décor, which compliments any contemporary living space. This Brisbane-based brand’s wooden teething ring is a tiny piece of heaven for teething tots, and their Sway My Way swing collection is the perfect addition to your bub’s playroom. Hop on their Instagram for gorgeous nursery decor inspo, and ShopandBox our favourites below!

  1. Grey Arrows Swing, Lilah & Co., AUD120, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Boho Dream Play Gym Lilah & Co., AUD169, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Lunar Luxe Play Gym Toys, Lilah & Co., AUD49, + Add to Wishlist

My Little Giggles

Image source My Little Giggles

This Melbourne-based brand specialises in providing brilliant, handmade wooden kids furniture. Amongst their Scandi-inspired design offerings include cutesy clothes racks, one-of-a-kind play gyms, A-frame tents, and German-made Jupiduu slides. We especially love their My Little Helpers Learning Tower, a tool that applauds curiosity and creativity— encouraging tiny chefs and bakers to-be.

  1. Kids Wooden Clothes Rack, My Little Giggles, AUD85, + Add to Wishlist
  2. My Learning Tower, My Little Giggles, AUD165, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Wooden Play Gym, My Little Giggles, AUD50, + Add to Wishlist

Bubbles Lane

Image source Bubbles Lane

Bubbles Lane’s inventory of cot quilts, fabric baskets, pram liners and more are 100% Aussie-made and designed with love by mum of two, Sarah Waters. Get inspired by their range of charmingly quirky prints, and ShopandBox our picks below to add a bright and sprightly touch to every nap time.

  1. Fabric Baskets, Bubbles Lane, AUD32.95, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Mustard Teepee with Black Triangle Pram Liner, Bubbles Lane, AUD60, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Grey Arrow with Mustard Dots Bassinet Pram Blanket, Bubbles Lane, AUD55, + Add to Wishlist


Image source Mocka

Based in sunny Sunshine Coast, Australia, Mocka’s Kids Furniture and Playtime range supplies simple yet sleek and contemporary pieces without breaking the bank. Their line of charming teepees and ride-on toys will surely fuel your little ones’ creativity and imagination (and take their eyes off the iPads).

  1. Sleepy Animal Cushions, Mocka, AUD49.95, + Add to Wishlist
  2. Piccolo Kids Teepee, Mocka, AUD79.95, + Add to Wishlist
  3. Rocking Horse, Mocka, AUD39.95, + Add to Wishlist

Featured Image: Mister Fly


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