The Workout Guaranteed to Get You Fit in Time for the Festive Season

If you thought you still have enough time to get fit before the festive season beckons and the feasting starts, think again as Thanksgiving is almost a month away and Christmas is hot on its heels right after. While some of us are blessed with an excellent rate of metabolism (read: that one friend who eats like a lion and doesΒ notΒ gain a pound after), the rest of us will need to actually work for a flatter tummy and toned limbs.

But you’re in luck, because you’ve still got a month or two to whip your body back to shape and look smashing for your Christmas getup and the smorgasbord of food that awaits you. We scoured the net for a home workout that you can take on, and it comes in the form of Shaun T’s Focus T25.

If you haven’t heard of Shaun T, here’s what you gotta know: He’s the brains (and brawn) behind workout videos such as Insanity, MAX:30 and CIZE. A former track & field star who’s got a degree in sports science, he’s known for rolling out fitness gear, supplements and guides aimed at getting beach-ready bodies.

But what’s great about Focus T25 is that you don’t need to dedicate more than 30 minutes of your time in a day for the work out, and plus you can do it within the comfort of your own dwellings. The program is also great for those who haven’t been hitting the gym or any form of exercise in a while. Getting your hands on Focus T25 means that you get access to these:

  • 11 workouts on 9 DVDs
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Get It Done Nutrition Guide
  • Alpha and Beta Workout Calendars
  • 5-Day Fast Track Guide
  • B-Lines Resistance Band (15 lb)

Focus T25’s workout is split into the Alpha Cycle and the Beta Cycle. The Alpha Cycle helps you get the foundation for the first five weeks, and the Beta Cycle ups the game for the next five weeks. Fret not if you’re the sort who gets bored easily when it comes to workout routines, because Focus T25 combines calorie- and fat-burning moves in the form of cardio exercises, fast-paced movements, strength & resistance training, along with interval training. Think speedy, vigorous moves that can get your breathless in less than 10 minutes!

Here’s a quick snippet of what the workout entails:

If you’re wondering if this is one of those quack home workout videos that might just waste money and time instead of garnering legit results, you can read reviews (including pros and cons) about this program here, along with real-life weight loss testimonials from those who’ve tried Focus T25 here.

And for those who are game for getting their bodies in shape with this workout, it only costs USD72.80 to get it from USA – ShopandBox this now with the help of our Boxers, along with quality fitness gear and theΒ three superfoods that you probably need to add to your dietary routine as well!

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