5 Beauty, Fashion and Food Must-Haves from Thailand

Did you know that one of the 28 countries that you can ShopandBox coveted items from is the Land of Smiles? Thailand is well known for its citizens’ impeccable hospitality alongside excellent food, great shopping deals, and its smattering of lovely islands to bask in the sun.

But if you’re not heading to Thailand anytime soon, you can actually ShopandBox all the beauty, fashion and food must-haves with the help of our two Thai Boxers, Jinrucha and Ngamsuda. We reached out to Boxer Jinrucha on bestselling products that Thais love to get for a little insight on what you can ShopandBox from the country:

1) Beauty: Mistine Cosmetics


According to Boxer Jinsucha, the most famous Thai beauty brand within the low to middle-end is Mistine, made popular all thanks to its good quality products and famous actresses including Aum Patcharapa as the face of the brand. It’s been said that fans of the brand hail all the way from China as well, whose favourites include Mistine’s Maxi Black Eyeliner (THB100, + Add To Wishlist) and 3D Brows Secret Brow Set (THB169, + Add To Wishlist). Its price range lies is more affordable than the usual higher end brands if you’re on a budgeted haul.


2) Beauty: Oriental Princess


Another brand to Boxer Jinsucha swears by is Oriental Princess, which offers a wide range of skincare, hair, and body products that’s catered to specific needs. Whether you need all-natural sunscreen (THB455 + Add To Wishlist), anti-ageing treatment (THB1,375, + Add To Wishlist), or hair cuticle mask (THB295, + Add To Wishlist), Oriental Princess has got it covered for you. Price points are slightly higher than Mistine depending on its range (from THB30 – THB1,375), but it’s still a bang for your buck compared to other beauty brands internationally!


3) Fashion: Zoe Scarves


Apparel wise, there are a plethora of fashion brands (both mass market and mid- to high-end ones) that you might find interesting to ShopandBox from Thailand. It’s a no-brainer that the country is a hip fashion hub compared to its Asian counterparts (read: Bangkok shopping trips). Boxer Jinsucha’s go-to scarf brand is Zoe Scarves, a contemporary label known for its pretty printed creations – you can find Oriental elements, flora and fauna, and even quirky details such as Matryoshka dolls emblazoned on its silk scarves! Prices range between THB1,670 to THB3,680 for scarves in different dimensions.


4) Fashion: Sleeping Pills


Another brand that Boxer Jinsucha recommended that we’re already fans of is Sleeping Pills – an edgy fashion label founded in 2009 that’s well-known for its trendsetting pieces. From pleated pants to rainbow speckled shift dresses, we’re loving how fashion-forward its designs are. Another favourite of ours is the storm printed dress that features an open-back ruffle train from neck to waist. Check their site out now for their mid-year sale that runs till 30 June 2016!


5) Glico snacks!


Let’s face it – no Thai holiday trip is complete without a bunch of snacks that you can get from the food aisle in departmental stores. If you’re not heading to Thailand anytime soon, ShopandBox an array of goodies such as Chocolate Pejoy Biscuit Sticks, and Pocky in a ton of mouthwatering flavours i.e. Cookies & Cream, Mango, Blueberry, Strawberry and Matcha. It costs way cheaper to ShopandBox it in bulk, and even ShopandBoxing one box will merely cost you less than THB12!


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